You won’t give me the dick, Okay, I’ll steal it from you. Handcuff you to the bed and take it from you. Suck you, deep throat you, steal that cum , your un born seeds from dem balls, now I got you applauding. Now I got you wanting it. In my point of view your dick taste good in the mouth. In your point of view your dick felt good in my mouth, now it got your wondering what my other hole be like. Well I was waiting for nobody but YOU papi, so its Tight. UN cuff you, so you can get this booty. Make this boi pussy yours daddy…sign yo name on it, and that hand print from that smacks on my ass gonna be the, “Yours Truly” I say that dick is King, you say , “Yea, well inside you is my kingdom” Cum, cum,cummm, I’m cumm….FUCK! I hope this happens again and again ‘cause I have not even begun to get tired of this good dick. Its better than I expected. Who in their right mind would ever neglect it? You out, I’m like what the fuck you doing? You tell me to wait a second. Then I feel it, Yea get it wet. Your tongue damn near feel as good as the dick. Shit!..eat it baby, French kissing it, licking it,spitting in it, I like it sloppy. Got me feeling on top of the world, but now I wanna be on top of you. Swirling the hips when I’m riding you. Bet your girl can’t do the dick like this. Spinning on it, doing the splits on it, doing crazy ass tricks. Hot and sweaty, I love the way your abs look like this. Licking you nipple as a you beat it up from under me. Turn me over, give me every Inch of what you got baby, I’ll take it ALL like a soldier. With my legs up, eyes rolled, the insides of me molded from the what you just busted off,  and I can feel it flowing, but you won’t, you keep on going. As I look down, the site of seeing that fat dick going in and out of me made me cum again. Now the result of you givin it to me good is all between our hard bodies, already wet from the sweat, now we stickin together. Now we both tired, as we rest tryna decide will we go anotha round, no matter the decision, I’m just glad I decided to TAKE the dick instead of waiting for you to give to me.


Thoughts? anyone?...