Stay on ur P's & Q's

Or should I say I want your p{enis} Que,lol. Well, well look what I just found on the net(its a beautiful thing isnt it.)Nude shots of former of Day26 member hit the net.Obviously following in the footsteps of former bandmate, Willie...and I have to say these pics hit me wit desire STRONGER than seeing Willie's ding-a-lang...
Mannn...[licks lips hungrily]...Imma be real wit you, I want dat dick AND dat cum. DONT judge me, nut is GOOOOD for you....no REALLLY it IS,lol.

Ever since I saw his exy ass on Making The Band, I've been waiting on this day to CUM,lol...Will he ever address this? Did HE leak it on PURPOSE for attention? Will he get a offer from FlavaWorks like Spec(of PrettyRicky) got after THAT YouTube video? lmao So many questions but we'll get to that LATER, now let me just let dis marinate for awhile...:dreamy sigh:


Sebastian Roy...

Arms I wud LOVE to have around me.

Anthony Taylor...

My Gawd, dat BODY and dem TATS...Yea HE CUD GET IT!!!


EJ Houston...

Chest looks comfortable enough to lay my head on...Love those boxers as well.

Calvin Simms...

he goes by the name,DeWayne J.

Lips I wouldn't mind kissing at all. Definitely looks like the 'Hubby:...down 4 his baby' type
:dreamy sigh: