Religion Policing Morals.

I think its very SAD how we let religion define morality.
To let the bible police what’s wrong or bad...will create a bias dysfunctional society. And it has. You don’t need God, Jesus, nor the bible to tell you how to treat ALL people with respect including yourself and be the best and sincerest person you can be. Not every one is religious or even believes in God, but that does NOT automatically make seem an evil person. The bible clearly bases what's wrong or what's right on religious views. But I believe that values that make a good person goes PASS religion and doesn't necessarily have to include religious values. You can be a great person and it would have nothing to do with religion.      
The bible just makes people further judgmental and basing your character on trivial things that has NOTHING to do with how much of a truly great person that individual could be. 
if that person is gay, they may be willing to take a bullet for YOU. So what if a person is atheist, they might be willing to give you place to stay when you are falling on hard times. 
Religion is used to further CONTROL society and give us more RULES to live by that has NOTHING to do with being a great person. 


Throwing Stones Are We?....

Before acting in a 'Holier Than Thou' 

manner, you better make DAMN sure there 

are no bones sticking out your closet.


The Cheater And The Cheatwither

Why do people cheat or better yet why do other people knowing mess around with someone who is taken?

People could cheat for a number of reasons; sexual fulfillment,  emotional fulfillment, or they could actually have the "perfect" relationship, but be taking their relationship for granted and wanting more. Let's talk about the OTHER half of the infidelity spectrum...the ones who the cheater is cheating WITH.