Moving on from STRESS University?

It's been awhile since I did some real blogging here...and I missed it, I just couldn't formulate any thoughts to post about. 
Not to be around the bush and getting straight to the point...I have dropped out of this college I was attending. I am sitting this Spring semester out and going back to school at a different University in the Fall. Until then I will just WORK. As you all know I have been going through so much Unnecessary stress at this school. When my problems mostly seem from the administration and the school ITSELF and Not necessarily the classes... that's a BIG ASS problem. I refuse to live with that problem any longer. 

They started by putting me in a broke down ass dorm that is NOT up to code in living conditions and safety I'm sure of it. I REQUESTED the dorm I had last school year. Having me in a financial aid "line" for 7 AM-10 PM! Started having problems with my electric and Air in my dorm, an uncomfortable bed in my dorm, a door that only closes correctly when SLAMMED! The room had a nasty facet with DIRTY WATER. A public bathroom and community showers...I am Not in jail nor was that an athletic locker room. The cafeteria kept pissing me off. And I am not gonna mention the other countless miscellaneous problems I had to deal with.

The decision for me to NOT attend SU for the Spring semester or EVER AGAIN for that matter...came in the moment, but I DON'T regret it. I was still in my right mind. The day I was prepare to leave and go home for Christmas...I was planning on returning so I did not take everything from my dorm, of course. Well it was a problem with that...those people do not know how to correctly communicate and I just decided "FUCK IT AND FUCK YOU!" my big bro, my dad, and I packed up all my shit THAT day EVEN THOUGH neither of us was prepared to bring ALL my stuff that day. What I went through that day was the Very last straw.  I couldn't even leave IN PEACE!

This only ONE thing I will miss. I was apart of the campus web radio station, under the official title of Music Director to be exact. I was responsible for keeping the music airing fresh and current. Making sure things was trimmed and faded correctly. AND I also had MY OWN web radio show too. I LOVE DOING THAT, but it is no more. Even through I loved being apart of it...it still was FAR from the LEGIT experience in radio I would have like. On THAT level...it SUCKED, but for something to do outside of classes, it was good, I guess. We wasn't funded by the school [hell the school isn't funded by the school lol that's was they just filed Bankruptcy] so  we had to raise money ourselves which means we never had the money to pull off a real spectacular event except for cute little Talent Shows and 1 Myxer (meaning: some sort of a mini party; a social get-together with music...it is done on college campuses a lot.) that NO ONE show up to. They had other little things going on before I even attended the school, BUT they was Not popular on campus and I would have LIKED to be apart of something that was already established not an organization still trying to work their way to "fame" on campus. *rolls eyes*

I was MUSIC DIRECTOR of this thing...What do I have to show for it? A few vocal compliments on a "great job!" I'm doing and a cute little general certificate that  was giving to EVERYONE on stuff. It did NOT say specifically "Good job as Music Director" Oh NO! I was NOT appreciated. I am Music Director, but when there was a Homecoming Concert with actual famous music artists performing you then you give the backstage passes to 2other people, and 1 of them wasn't even on staff until a FEW weeks before the concert. So I AM MUSIC DIRECTOR, BUT I CAN'T GET ACCESS TO THE ACTUAL MUSIC ARTISTS?! How fucking STUPID does that sound? Hell EVERYONE on staff should REALLY have had backstage passes to that concert, but if not I KNOW DAMN WELL I SHOULD HAVE HAD IT!  

Its was nice, a little...I guess for their Standards, but it was not legit. The women ahead of it was talking to another guy who is on staff, " Yeah I know people I can help you out..." because with the major he had, she knew people that worked in that field. Then she looked at me and said, "I don't know anyone in radio though..." You have NO connects to anyone in radio. How are you gonna be head of something like this and you know no one in radio. My major is Mass Communication and I'm pretty sure I want to work in radio now. But you know no one, I can't network with you. This little radio...YES, it given me experience...but it's wasn't legit enough. And I don't even I will even get a chance to even to something even close to this again. So yes, I'm still gonna miss it..and my radio show.

 Oh well...Au Revoir to Stress University, I hardly knew yee, haha.