Ironic Much?

I'm sorry, but if elementary, middle, and high school American History classes has taught me anything is that America settled on this land [that was stolen from from the natives, but that's another conversation] to have RELIGIOUS FREEDOM from the English which was ruled by the Catholic church.

So how IRONIC we sit here now and denied to right to marry, because people view marriage as between man and women, a point of view in which is supported by RELIGION. That doesn't sound like religion freedom to me at all. Religious freedom is, "My BELIEFS is that marriage is between man and women, but I support the RIGHT to believe otherwise. And will not come in the way of anyone else RIGHTS because of my beliefs."

But, that is not what is happening these days is it? The WHOLE POINT OF THE START OF AMERICA was religious freedom, but deny equality and have painted MUSLIMS as evil people and CONDEMN atheist. Let's not forgot that the freedom of religion is the right to NOT be religious as well. I know I believe  in God and have the LOVE of the Lord in my heart, but I am not going to tell anyone their going to hell when it's NOT my place. 

That is what is happening. I'm gay, so I'm going to HELL? And please tell me when did THAT become YOUR place to tell me. You don't believe in gay marriage...fine, but just because YOU don't believe in it doesn't mean SHIT! Gays exist and they always did. You so righteous, but yet PICK AND CHOOSE what parts of the bible you going to live by. "Homosexuality is an abomination." But IGNORE the other countless amount of sins of the bible...pleeeeeeeeeeease.  *rolls eyes* You hide behind your bible to justify your homophobia like a COWARD!

The bible has turned a lot of our fellow human beings into judgmental, bitter, hypocritical bigots. And that's why I am not a fan of the bible. The beliefs I have in my savior comes from my SOUL, not from a book written by MAN. Now a lot of people would be offended by that...to that person I would say...

FUCK YOU! in the nicest way possible.


What Is Racism?

What Is Racism? 

Is it the white man keeping the black man down? 

Or is it the continuous black on black crime? 

Is it a Caucasian uttering NIGGER?!

Or is it our own brothers and sisters not sticking together? 

Is it a little black boy hung for waving at a white chick?

Or your fellow brother wishing failure on you and hating that you making it? 

My answer, it's all of these...and those are just examples, I could go on and on. 

Racism ISN'T just in white face...it NEVER was.

Europeans just didn't come and TAKE us...we sold ourselves. And not just to America...to Brazil, Cuba. 

We get here and work together to fight for our freedom that we apparently DIDN'T even have in Africa. 

We are FREE! Then...

What we do? Enslave ourselves yet AGAIN...in ignorance. 

Killing each other over colors, rap beefs, Jordans, and other stupid trivial things.

Keeping up mess within our own, bringing each other down on a regular basis. 

We gotta STOP this. 

Because when you think about it, what any racist could do or say to us today is no different from what are already doing to each other.


The Country's Youngest Married Black Gay Couple Vs. Nay Sayers

But I'm sure holding that title means nothing to them. This wasn't a about trying to set a 'record'...they are in love. I know to make this big of commitment this early on in their life, I know their love is real. I take pleasure in seeing shit like this, not only because of the obvious fact that I am indeed GAY, but I know a part of a homophobe DIES with EACH  gay marriage

I do not understand that. How can anyone look at ANY true love with disgust? Well, the world being the mixing pot that is...full of the good, full of the bad. As I look on at the comments on the facebook page TheRoot.com.[as you visited you definitely will see a few comments for me lol] It's despicable, some where supportive, some where...disgusted. I could see I am disgusted by those disgusted, but I have learned to understand homophobia. I have learned to see them as they really are; fake, hypocritical, half-assed "Christians" who cowardly hide behind  the bible to justify there homophobia  as the bible was used to justify racism. These people are brainwashed. 

Disgusting!!!! Confused!! Sick!!! 
 Hell on earth
 All of you who are in favor of homosexual relationships need to have your heads examined (It's unnatural)! Better yet, you need JESUS. Your thinking, desires, and actions are perverted and backwards. STOP trying to justify SIN! It's wrong and there are consequences..
So I have learned...or trying to learn to not be so mad at them, I mean that isn't gonna stop them from being homophobia...as them being homophobic ISN'T stopping people from being gay, are they? I don't like it, but what can I do. What can WE DO? Nothing. I am SICK OF US FEELING LIKE WE HAVE TO EXPLAIN OURSELVES! WE DON'T! WE SHOULDN'T BE "FIGHTING" FOR ACCEPTING, LET'S FIGHT FOR OUR LEGAL RIGHTS! I do NOT give a damn who has a problems with GAY PEOPLE, but DAMMIT as long as I have MY RIGHTS AS AN AMERICAN THEN I DON'T GIVE A SHIT

There is STILL racism in the country, but we black people HAVE OUR RIGHT'S. There WILL STILL be homophobia, but WHEN we have our rights I won't care. 

My gay people, we are fighting to wrong battle...we CAN'T force or DEMAND anyone to "ACCEPT" us...we DO however, have the RIGHT to DEMAND OUR EQUAL RIGHTS!

Many would say these guys are TOO YOUNG. I won't be the judge of that, I feel I would be doing the same thing of making judgement because they are GUYS getting married. I just DO hope they understand how much of a big deal this is and it isn't just a cute relationship anymore...it's MARRIAGE. I hope they understand that while they may truly love one another, understand that will ANY relationship it takes MORE THAN love. It's more serious with marriage. Are they STRONG ENOUGH? If they don't work....I hope they understand it takes MONEY and a lot legal issues to get a divorce. I know they are not hoping for that, but at NINETEEN? They have a LONG journey waiting for them, so anything is possible...that could be bad or good.  

Rather than to say they are too young, I would rather hope really understand tha responsibility. ESPECIALLY since they are having blogs and news sites talking...if they fail, THEY ALL WILL KNOW. 

I know one thing, I'm only 22, boyfriend just turned 21...isn't too far from them, if we were able hell I'm sure we would be married too, so I cannot judge them on being "too young." 

I wish them the VERY best.

if there is any typos please forgive me, I'm running on adrenline while typing this entry, lol