I am READY, But Are My Parents...

In my last post I updated you on my new form of independence. I've gotten myself a brand new {well new to me} car, however used...it's still all mines. 

The process was more than stressful. With close to no help other than my boyfriend, which of course there was only so much he could even do from afar. No help from the 'rents, I looked and I searched for the right car for me all by my self. Ended up with and 2005 Hyundai Sonta, a car I've ALWAYS wanted...you know as a first car. 

I would have thought...I thought, my first car is a serious thing, therefore I thought I would get help. I thought they would both pitch in...you know, with the whole process. They did not. As matter of fact my REAL issue is nor how neither mom or dad help that much at all, but the fact that they did NOT help AND seemed to have much damn opinions during and after the process. THAT pissed me off. Would left a finger to help in the process, but once I started the process my damn self then they have a lot to say, right?

And hearing "You need more practice."
"You sure you ready?"
"You should wait."

And blah, blah...I know they're my parents, they suppose worry and suppose to care rather or not I'm ready. But all of the things they were saying seemed ALL negative to me. How about you give me something POSITIVE to balance it out. How about you show me that you are confident in me. How about talking to me about the PROS of me having a car instead of only saying shit to stir me completely AWAY from the idea, being that this should be something you would WANT for me. This isn't like when I wanted I tattoo. Having a car is something good.

To me there is NO such thing as "practice" with driving. You either LEARN how to drive or you don't. What am I practicing for...to be a NASCAR driver. I know how to handle the wheel, I know the traffic laws, I can control a car, I know to be alert about pedestrians and other drivers. Okay, so WHAT the hell am I "practicing?" Oh and this "practice" that I did do...it was NEVER much and THEN I had wait around until my dad FELT like taking me to drive around and LET me behind the wheel. Which DIDN'T happen much. So to look at me and tell me I need more PRACTICE when your ass don't let me do shit anyway is BULL. The whole point of having my OWN car is to not wait around around for my parents anymore. And I would NEVER have a car if I had wait around on my dad to let me behind the wheel, so I can "practice."


Hi, Guys: Update.

To whom it may concern,

    Hello, you guys. It's been a while. Things have been going great, I guess. I've recently gotten my first CAR! YAY ME! Step closer to being out of my parents house and being a real adult. Just also had a great week long vacation visiting Atlanta, GA to see my boyfriend. 

See hating my job, still frustrating looking for something new. But things are more positive now than in the past.  I'm happier. 

I will try blog more. So many things I have to say...so many thoughts, but its takes a lot to formulate them into words