We Know Who This Land of The "Free" Really Belongs To

If there was a federal LAW that passed right now at this very moment, that gay marriage is to be legal across the board of All 50 states of America...I would be elated, yes. But I would be dishonest if I said that I would not be insulted, why?

WELP, here we go. All through out AMERICAN history there has been individuals fighting for not only their rights, but for a place on this land of the "free." We've had women's rights, black rights. And now, even today. All that is STILL an issue, but added problems; immigrant rights [when technically we're ALL immigrants], women's rights, civil rights, and gay rights. 

Yes as a black man I can vote, but they want to create new voter ID laws to keep you from voting, nobody is stupid. We all know who that will affect. I think some people really just don't grasp the fact that it WASN'T that long ago went we didn't have those rights. And not to mention you have no rights to be black while in America without being racially profiled and killed.   Every day there is an attack on black people.

And women. It wasn't that long when they  first got their rights. Now we BACK at it again debating rather they have rights to their own body or not. And  the still evident sexism in the job market supported by lower salaries than their male counterparts.

And then we have gay marriage. Really people? It's 2014 people still have to be on the VIP list to get their rights with no question?

You want to know WHO is on the VIP list of rights? You want to know the PROBLEM in America?

Women's rights, civil rights, gay rights, immigration rights. Notice anything. 

When has the rights of white men EVER been in question?................................ I'll wait. 

If you are a heterosexual white men, a plus if you're rich, then your rights has never been in question, but then again of course not because YOU have created the VIP list, naw scratch that...you OWN the club. 

When has there been a blunt and obvious attack on the rights of white men. I'm not talking about general shit that would apply to everyone. I'm talking about legislation bluntly anti-male Caucasian. It doesn't happen because you can't can't kick the owner out of his own club.  

THAT is the problem America. Is that it could be the COLOR of your skin, or your sexual preference, or your GENDER to simply be ENOUGH to have your rights QUESTIONED.  WHY ARE WE STILL VOTING ON PEOPLE'S RIGHTS IN 2014!!!!

I'm insulted that MY RIGHTS is something that can be VOTED on. If they can VOTE to give it, then they can vote to take it AWAY. Really? MY LIFE/MY RIGHTS...in the HANDS OF ANOTHER PERSON. Didn't know we still gotta EARN or really FIGHT to get that rights we were suppose to just be BORN into, right? My rights being debated.

America WILL NEVER evolve until we get to the point where the LINE that makes ONE American more special than the next is BLURRED. But that won't happen. The naive and innocent child in me would hope so, but then again that child wants world peace too. 

Here I am. A working class citizen who pays my taxes, not on the wrong side of the law...yet I don't "deserve" my simple and fundamental rights. Fucked up, shawty. I can't get even get married in the state that is taking my fucking hard earned money in taxes. I feel like a prostitute...I'm getting screwed, making money and my PIMP is taking it from me without giving me a damn thing back.

Land of the "free" huh? I guess so, where the majority is FREE to vote on the rights of the minority. 

Oh and before sensitive people get butthurt about this...this wasn't to SHAME any white man. But I'm just keeping it fucking real.