The White Man Made You Gay: In The Mind of A Black Radical

Trying to get more in touch with my people, other like minded intellectual people of black blood. Black political people worried about more than what's going on in pop culture, but having no problems voicing their opinions on race and racism...no matter how radical, holding no punches. I got my wish. Liking many BLACK based Facebook pages in which I end up having to unfollow ultimately when voicing their unwarranted opinions on the black man and homosexuality.  

I've tried, but I have come to the conclusion that those are not my type of people. The radical heterosexual black revolutionaries, activist and philosophers...the problem, these type of people mostly end up HOMOPHOBIC. They have it in their mind that the black man are meant to be hyper-masculine and if any less then he is a disgrace to the African-American race and is weak. The damaging belief that the black GAY man does not exist or that it would not exist unless the WHITE MAN manipulated the black gay man and made it happen. They insist that the white man and pop culture are responsible for emasculating the black man that has in turn made the black man gay and feminine. Because apparently a black GAY man would NOT exist otherwise.  

Forgetting that there is NO rationality in that assumption AT ALL. Looking at all black homosexuals in a bad light, forgetting that many played a part in BLACK HISTORY, which they have no problems ignoring. And I can't for the LIFE of me figure out how could they be so pro-black yet look at their gay/black brother and sister and dismiss them. 

I am able to agree with some of their posts, but many of them are so outrageously irrational that I cannot take it seriously. How they feel about black homosexuality is clearly it. 

I respect the argument that I could have "chose" to be gay [however, wrong] rather than saying I'm gay because "The Man" made me gay. SMH

Welp, they can stove it up their ass...I'm black and gay. It's nobodies fault because  I was born this way.