The Funny Thing Is...

Oh how beautiful the homophobia and the double standards are of mass society. {sarcasm}

So let me get this, completely opposite of me, straight...it is okay when many countless amount of straight men kiss their significant others on national television. Amy Kushnir and many other Americans seem to think so. Oh, we've heard it all. "Yes I would even mind if it was a man kissing a women. Its just not right" But we know it's all lies  and we just don't believe. Simple fact, you wouldn't have a problem with a heterosexual kissing on TV, because of double standards. If you REALLY had a problem, where were you when this was happening?:

 "What about the children?" They ask. 

They don't want their children to see two MEN or two WOMEN expressing affection whom may be in love, but its not a problem for your kid to listen to certain types of music, watching certain types of shows and movies and NOT over seeing their use of the internet. These days I see all types of videos on the world wide web of children doing all types of foolish, disrespectful thing and most likely an adult is recording it all. They think it's "cute" that its "funny." WHERE'S the parental advisory  THEN?

All of the problems and violence of today and you sadly think that even the  mere knowledge of Knowing HOMOSEXUALITY exist is what could harm the youth? 

It's not a problem with a child knowing men are out there KILLING other men, but it becomes a "think about the children" debate when men are LOVING other men. 

The thing is Michael Sam was simple doing the same any other athlete would do, celebrate with his significant other...with a kiss.

On to another aspect of this. WHY do people seem to think that every gay person is out to FORCE their homosexuality down their throat?

A few months back [probably last year, I don't remember when exactly] a older family member of mine made a Facebook status pertaining to her son and another male student at his high school. I remember the whole thing verbatim, but it was something along the lines of 

"My son came to me today about all the feminate boys at his school and there's so many of them and its wrong that they are forcing their homosexuality onto him. What should I say to him..."

It was something like that, I am phrasing but that is the true gist of it. And of course the infamous notion "I don't have a problem with gay people though, BUT..." It took EVERYTHING in me not to comment on that status, because if I would have, it would have not been too pretty. I wanted to say, "How about you tell your son that just because someone is proud and confident with who THEY are is not a reflection upon him. In fact its actually subtle homophobia, ignorance, and arrogance to think what THAT is doing has anything to do with him. " 

That would have not been pretty and I have this thing where I WILL NOT try to argue with someone on THEIR status, that's not my place, unless they stated they wanted a debate. 

It kills me that people have this arrogance, that belief that everything is about them. If I wore a shirt that reads "I love dick" does that translate into "YOU should like dick too." NO, it does not...some how that think it does. But if a women wears the shirt, then I'm guessing it won't be problem. If a women expressing she likes DICK around other men, is THAT forcing the notion that THEY should like it too? I'm saying "I" like this, that is not "forcing" anything onto you. 

Of course other people did comment, but only to add to the fact gay is wrong and blah and one "christian" said "this is what happens when they take God out the school." REALLY? The subject AT HAND is about the very notion is forcing something on someone...Not everyone believes in God. So it's fine to force God on someone, but not "homosexuality" in which no one is forcing on you anyways. 

I may be beating a dead goose here, but fuck it, this is an journal entry. 

The funny thing is...

I can count with ZERO fingers how many times someone who is gay came to me about "joining them." [The fact that they don't NEED to because I'm already in the club is beside the point, Ha.]  I will in fact need both my hands, toes, and someone's else hands and toes to count how many times I've had people come up to me pertaining to God and am I a believer...those damned Christians. Funny fact is, I do believe in God which is why it doesn't bother me as much. What bothers me is the hypocrisy of it all. Imagine if I DIDN'T believe in God, how annoying would that fucking be! And its not like you would change my mind by annoying the FUCK out of me even I didn't believe in God. 

Oh and watch as that cutie Anderson Copper so fiercely  put Amy Kushnir on blast, hunty!


They Want You To Think, But Not For Yourself

Life is all about conformity. They want you to THINK, but not for yourself.

When we are born, it's a small stage in a baby's life that is dedicated to being taught how to talk and walk. After that baby is walking more satisfactory and talking more fluently, it is then that the remaining time of their adolescence is dedicated to them being taught to "sit down and shut up." To be obedient. To "follow the rules" and know that their opinion and thoughts are less than important to that of an adult. 

It is an perfect example of how the rest of life works, but instead of how adults treat children...when you become an adult now it's other people with more authority and power to tell you your thoughts versus theirs mean shit. 

Inspire and encourage you to be all you can be, to be YOU, but when you do you are deemed inferior and they will go on to tear down everything you stand and everything you are. To be obedient. Although, obedience is not what they really want, conformity is what they really want.   

It doesn't start when you're an adult, oh no. They start to you early. The education system is conformity at it's finest. Think back to when you were in school. Imagine, math class...you have a math problem, you have solved it. You've shown your work, the answer is correct, but it is incorrect. Why? Because instead of being applauded for thinking on your OWN and figuring out the CORRECT answer your own way...you DIDN'T do it the way the teacher WANTED you to do it. You did not conform, therefore, you are wrong. 

They want you to think, but not for yourself. 

"Solve the problem, but do it like I TOLD you to do it." Conform like everyone else, don't think for yourself. If you DARE use a method the teacher didn't teach and they will get offended. 

If you think for yourself people. get. offended. Go figure.