Rape Culture in A Man's World

Had a debate with some [male] family members...that fact that it had to be a "debate" is warrant enough for me [and you] to be disgusted. I took to my personal FB account for some rape culture rants, here they are:

Why should there be any questions about HOW LONG it took...why years from the time of the rape? If you killed someone YEARS ago...do they NOT still come for your ass sooner or later? I'll wait. Yet with rape is when we question shit. ‪#‎Rapeculture‬.

Rape culture. When people's first response to rape is WHY the victim didn't speak up AND question rather it was consensual is when you created a society in which rape victims are SCARED to speak up. YOU created the culture of them not speaking up.That's what I'm saying.
Bill went from denying it to admitting drugs were involved...but they "wanted it"? Yeah, that's a rapist favorite line. Yet people still doubt the victims when Bill has shown he's a liar...yet still seems to have more credibility than the rape victims. That's ‪#‎rapeculture‬ for you. And that's WHY people don't speak up.

And no saying "men get raped too" is not a good thing to bring up when the discussion is a WOMEN getting rape. That's equivalent to debunking ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ with ‪#‎AllLivesMatter‬ we know that ALL lives matter, but that's not the problem at hand. Will discuss that as it happens NOT when the matter is a WOMEN. Yes we know men get raped, but THAT also don't get taken seriously for the same reason a woman getting rape doesn't. Conditioned gender stereotypes...if you a women..."you wanted it." If you a man..."men don't get raped. HA!"  

Do people lie at times about rape? Yes. So do they about other serious matters...so I guess everything and every serious allegation should not be taken seriously cos some assholes cry wolf. No, you see it THROUGH and if that person IS lying then you throw the book at them, but with ‪#‎Rapeculture‬ the book is thrown at accusers BEFORE hand. Doubt from the get. ‪

#‎Rapeculture‬ is people being more passionate about reasonable doubt than the actual matter at hand...THE RAPE.

If you have daughter or a sister and she comes to YOU saying she was raped...WHERE will be your reasonable doubt then? Will you think "maybe she wanted it" then? ‪#‎rapeculture‬

Their whole agrument was centered around, "Why wait so long. He gave her drugs? She probably wanted the drugs. " I was fucking disgusted.  

And my brother? Has THREE daughters...he should educated himself on how sexism and gender stereotypes does affect rape culture. 

The Separation of Church & State: Gay Marriage

“No laws should force a church to marry a gay couple if its against their beliefs…”  

“What about the separation of church and state?!” 

That is and has always been complete and utter horseshit. 

 The separation of church and state went off the cliff the moment that, “In GOD We Trust” was put on every single dollar bill. The separation of church and state went out the door when, “…One nation under GOD…” blossoms in the Pledge of Allegiance. The separation of church and state left the party when an individual’s belief in God started to be used by presidential candidates to gain votes and it worked. The separation of church and state called in sick when it became reality that the accusation of NOT believing in God as a presidential candidate can actually harm your efforts. The separation of church and state got ran over by a fucking dump truck when it’s required that each President be sworn in by their hand on the bible. 

 It has NEVER been that separation. Or at least not as far as people would like it. Its tax exempt…that’s about the only luxury. Which I don’t think it should be with all these fake ass prosperity pastors making millions off their mega churches. 
Tax them some bitches! 

 But this country has ALWAYS and will continue to be influence by religion. I find it comical that people are only so passionate about this so-called separation on the subject of [gay] marriage, but the argument for it magically disperses when they are voting that women should NOT be having rights to their own body based on their own RELIGIOUS beliefs. 
Funny how that works, huh? 

Let me tell you…generally this is a country that LOVES DEM sum GOD! I am willing to bet that this country would vote a BLACK, FEMALE, LESBIAN who’s a believer of God as President before even THINKING of allowing a STRAIGHT, but ATHEIST WHITE MAN into their oval office. What separation?


Religious/Conservative/Southern Bigots Are Having A BAD Month

We are really in the future. A LONG time coming with Gay marriage [that's simply MARRIAGE now] and with the Confederate flag FINALLY being publicly condemned. 

Make no mistake, we still have a long way to go on the matter of racism and homophobia despite what has transpired lately. There are still varies of anti-gay laws in effect. This country still lacks protection from discrimination under law across all 50 states. And yes, of course, there is still racism. 

You can say the Confederate is apart of history...and it is, but so is the Nazi swastika...the difference is people have enough sense to be ASHAMED of it. The debate shows the true selfishness, inconsiderate, racist heart of America. That in 2015, people are JUST NOW catching on to the fact the Confederate flag has a negative history. SAD! Years behind. For those to still publicly and UN shamefully defend it without a care in the world. Because only on the matter of us BLACK FOLKS do people just simply not fucking care...but let the Confederate flag's history be about something BAD happening to the white folks. We would NOT be still having this debate about it. If the Confederate flag was African American's flag and symbolized an uprising/revolt of slaves, you think these Confederate defenders would still defend it? Do you think that they would still be SO proud of it's history? Further more, do you think it would be triumphantly blooming in the wind on STATE buildings?  I'll wait on that answer.

Lord, these Christians really think the RAPTURE is coming...I am still waiting for Jesus. Still waiting on that TX pastor that said he would light himself on FIRE if gay marriage passes. Still waiting on all the people that said that would move to CANADA because of the SCOTUS decision. Too ignorant to know the gays BEEN able to get married in Canada, honey. 

While they got their bibles out...HA! Is there even a point at entertaining you religious nutsos?! We've already won the battle. Let it go! You LOSE, LOVE WINS! 

Now...let's not rest until all the rest of these anti-gay foolish is dismantled!