One Thing That Will Always Bother Me About Being GAY...

Is TWO men heavily  IN LOVE and want start a family together and only have TWO options: Adopt or Surrogate mother. That means TWO gay men will NEVER know what THEIR child will look like. They will NEVER know how beautiful it would be to have a child that SHARES their genetics. TWO gay men together will never be able to look at each other and say, "Baby he/she has your eyes and my nose." I know that it saddens many gay men besides Me. Some have joked about if men COULD have babies it would be birthed through our penis. Now on a serious logical note, if we COULD give birth it would probably would be through our anal.  We would  get pregnant by ejaculation into our anal. Our stomach would get BIG just like a female...we would just have to left our legs a little Higher in the hospital while giving birth, lol. The anal would dilate just like a vagina But seriously if that's the case, I would NOT mind giving birth to My man's children...and I'm SERIOUS. Him with his face to my stomach talking to our unborn baby...making him go out late at night to get FOOD, because I would have PREGNANT CRAVINGS, AHAHA! Not to mention how FUN it would be to GET  ME PREGNANT [wink, wink]

But that's 1 of the "pleasures" of being gay right?...Not being able to get pregnant...having all that unprotected, bareback, raw sex, not having to worry about pregnancy. Kinda sorta...I agree, lol...but still I WOULD LOVE to have my boyfriend's [we will get MARRIED =)] babies [<-- notice that's PLURAL]

This really hurts me, especially with me being so in love with my man and us wanting to have a family...and me being a bottom...I would NOT mind giving birth to little Ismael juniors =)

To all my bottoms/versatiles...would you mind giving birth to your man's kids, if you could?