About the Essfitcee

*REVISED Aug. 30th 2011*

ESSFITCEE, pronounced as(S-fit-C) meaning: Speaking from In the Closet.This blog will serve as an outlet to get things off my chest and express myself. You may see MY poetry, things going on in my personally life or just views on aspects of life. This was originally suppose to have been used as a public personal journal for ME, but some way it evolve into being a explicit somewhat  PORN blog. NO MORE of that, I'm getting back to my original plan. This is NOT a gay blog, but just a blog ran BY a gay male.

If you look back into my archive you would see my 1st post was on December 20th, 2009. As I am typing this revision now it is the 30th of August, year 2011. Which means ESSFITCEE will be TWO years old by the end of this year. This blog, is not JUST that...to me at least. Since it's creation it has became somewhat of a Trademark, Essfitcee has a Tumblr( << which is xXx rated haha)and a Official Facebook.

*fun triva*...Essfitcee could have been The I.NC. [It's NOT a Choice] I told y'all I have a thing for acronyms, haha. The INC is technically my first blog, but I ended up deleting it a few days afterwards.