Which would YOU Want Under Your Tree...?

 I have long since decided not to do post like THIS anymore way back and decided to do actual blogging about my life, opinions and things. So I left the gracious amount of porn and Men post in the dust...BUT TODAY is Christmas and I decided to give my blogger readers some Gifts on this day.

Merry CHRISTmas


I Know I'm LATE, But....

It's Essfitcee's TWO year anniversary...well it WAS on December 20th. I'm so late, sorry [haha]. So to celebrate TWO years AND with a New year approaching...I changed the look a little. Hope you like...?


Hey! Come Here! I got something Interesting For You...

An interesting transformation, an Youtube user shares his journey from a FEmale to a MALE. And according to  him he is attracted to females the same way he was also attracted to females when He was a female. Am I confusing you, haha? So my question to YOU is: if a girl who is a Lesbian gets an sex change, is her(now a HE) sexuality now considered to be straight? I think this proves that your gender DOES NOT decide your sexuality. Because if it DID wouldn't that former lesbian female NOW be attracted to GUYS now that she had a sex change to become a guy? If I'm confusing you [i know this subject is so weird] let me explain simpler if she was a lesbian as a female...would she be a gay guy if she got a sex change?  

How Can You DENY The BEAUTY Of THIS?!...

No words need be said...but I gonna express how BEAUTIFUL this is anyway. Oh My GAWD! This IS going to be My Man and I in the future. They are sooooo Cute, AWWWWWW =)

If only.....

TRUTH was just somewhere you could DRIVE to. 

Wanna Know What's so Great About Life?

People may be able to steal PHYSICAL things from you, but they cant take your MIND. And your mind/brain is the VERY things that MAKES you…whats in your MIND creates your personality, opinions, dreams, thoughts, and your outlook on life. As long  as you still have a good functional brain then NO1 can REALLY take anything away from you. Anything that anyone take from you can be GET again using YOUR brain power. Anything that has been BUILD and then torn down can be BUILD again with the very same brain power that build it.