Can U C It Happening:Gay Hip-Hop go mainstream?

Gay Hip-Hop?...[That HAS to be a misprint...] No it is not, some would say it's a oxymoron...I say it is NOT, this is REAL. Who said rap has to be straight...as homo-erotic some of these so called "straight" rappers are today, with their pants down, booty showing, hanging with other guys who also have their pants down and booty showing, also some questionable lyrics here and there...YOU KNOW those lines that ends with the ever SOOO famous "No Homo." Not to mention how they bicker and BITCH(THEY call it "rap beef") like females,lol...a gay rapper would only be ONE more thing. But NEVER MIND ALLL THAT, if you haven't been formally introduce  before, I would like now take ALLLLL the credit for introducing you to  the  Gay Side of Rap...


Trey "Neighbors Know My Name" Songz

Tremaine Aldon Neverson, born November 28, 1984(which means him and I are compatible, he's a Sag.),better known by his stage name Trey Songz.

For reason,and I KNOW I'm not the only to notice, it seems that ever since ol' boy cut his hair he's OFF THE CHAIN lately. Everything from his music is poppin off more more so than in the past...his swag has gon'WAY UP. I remember when he was still kinda new to the scene he dressed kinda broken down(...my opinion,lol.) He's just simply WAYYYY SEXIERRRRRRR now NOT saying that he didn't look good be4 but....just check his Neighbors Know My Name video and my point will be made...


Jason Pena

If he was a drank, I would GLADLY be an alcoholic...and FUCK goin to rehab...DAMNNNNNN!!!!!


The sanctity of marriage...huh?!

The sanctity of marriage? Hmmm very interesting. The above picture represents the states where gay marriages are legal and where it's ABSOLUTLY legal to marry your first cousin(as long as the said cousin wasn't a dude)...First Cousin!!!!...you that person is next to kin besides the people in your immediate fam...notice Cali, you know that state that TOOK BACK gays right to wed on Nov. 4th, 2008. :shakes head: People we got to do better.