The Ten Step Plan To Complete Chris Brown's Comeback

Saw this on streetlevel.com, thought it was FUNNY but a lil TRUE,lol.
Alright Chris, you got us with your heartfelt tribute to Michael Jackson at the 2010 BET Awards. We're paying attention to you again. But what are you going to do now that the world is waiting for your next move. Surely you must capitalize on the momentum you gained. But if you aren't sure what to do next, allow the good folks at StreetLevel to provide you with our "Ten Step Plan To Complete Chris Brown's Comeback." You can thank us later (no Drake).

1) Record Your Version Of "Man In The Mirror" Now!

Chris, if you haven't already, please record your own version of "Man in the Mirror" and get it out there as soon as possible. Since your tears delivered the best performance of the night, record a version that is the final statement announcing how you have turned the corner and made a change. Some people may call blasphemy, but they don't buy your albums anyway.

2) Never, ever discuss the Rihanna situation again (or for at least 3 years)

There's nothing that you can say that will ever rectify the situation. Chalk it up to a mistake and keep it pushing. If you utter her name, you bring back all the memories that put you in the doghouse in the first place.

3) Don't Wear Anything Like This Again!

Bruh, this was not the look. We don't know if you thought it was fresh, but you looked like a hood superzero. Only Prince can rock anything like this. Hell, he rocked a turtleneck nightgown with his face on it and nobody said squat. You, on the other hand, need to leave the experimental garb to Andre 3000.

4) Keep Your Shirt On

The ladies love you. But when you take your shirt off and there's somebody like Trey Songz making ladies fall apart when he sheds his clothing around, you will always lose. Let the girls love your boyish looks and leave the stripping to some of these other dudes.

5) Record An Album ASAP

That Graffiti nonsense just wasn't the album anyone expected. It was way too soon and the material just didn't fit. First you wanted to "transform" chicks and then you were begging and "crawling" back to their good graces. It was awkward. Go ahead and act like that album never existed and make the album your fans will really appreciate.

HaPPy HumP DaE!


Response: The Look of Recognition

...So a convo about those "special" looks that let you know when you have found "family" was brought up in a post {courtesy of thegayte-keeper.} I shared my one and ONLY experience,lol,  with the "Look of Recognition,"... it was suggested that I blog about it, sooo....

It happen some day during the week, some months ago, maybe a Monday, maybe a "Hump Day." But I was @ the bus terminal on my way going back home from class(college student.) And their was this guy(duh!, it surely WASNT a girl) he caught my attention for 2 reasons: 1. he was Cute, 2. I  already KNEW he was gay...Wondering how?...Well he's out and I stumbled upon his myspace one day, he there made it known. I felt some kinda way(a good way though) because I never seen someone in person who I KNEW was gay...apart from the flamboyant ones who you can tell, but he is one of those ones who you cant tell his sexuality from just looking at him. He was cute on his myspace but seeing him in person ...WoW.

As he passed by me we noticed each other, But thats Not where the "look" came in. He went to put his bags down at a bench near by...and I was just inching to Really get a nice look at him, so I did. He caught me...then HE SMILED at ME(what WONDERFUL smile it was .) I of course looked away embarrassed, but he already KNEW what this was...it was the "Look" of Recognition. As only a few seconds passed by, he got up from the bench, passed by me...But NOT before discreetly saying to me, "Your cute" then walking away to aboard his bus. It was NOBODY that close around me for him to be talking to someone else, he was talking TO ME. To be publicly(but discreetly) complimented like THAT by a GUY  for the 1st time was INDESCRIBABLE. I already knew about him, so I realize he had apparently used his "Gaydar" on me & he from the "Look" I gave him, even THOUGH I didn't KNOW I was giving him the "Look" lol. I swear you COULD NOT wipe the smile off my face, I was blushing SOOO hard,lol. AND it had my heart beating fast for a lil while.

But as I said before, Unfortunately, this has been my 1st and only DL signal moment, so TECHNICALLY he's MY FIRST, lol. I hope there will be MANY  others and  hopefully I'll get Me a boyfriend out of it one day.

Don't mind me But Im Horny right bout Now and...

I want "IT" BALLS DEEP like the Bottom in this pic...

I want "IT" on my back, legs wide OPEN, HAWT and SWEATY like the Bottom is this pic...

I want "IT" like the Bottom in this pic bout 2 get "IT"...

Spit in it, lick it, kiss it,Eat me like the guy in this pic...

And baby I WANNA RIDE "IT"...


CUMMM and Celebrate

 Its been building up all day, you been waiting…I been waiting. 
You will be pleased, I’m gonna please you…taste you. 
Got me like laces boo…tied and wrapped up in its beauty…
Big, fat, and juicy. My mouth is watering...
Thinking of you bustin’ down in my throat, 
Go and quench my thirst. A tangy salty burst 
To have it all in my tummy…yummy. 
Slow, fast, in, out…I want that sweet nectar, 
So deep I feel it all in my neck sir. 
The others be all scared and shit, like its poison, 
But all you hear from me is slurpin’ noises… 
Papa I ain’t scared, I want it. 
As yo hands grip the back of my head, 
Yo toes curlin’ and moaning, 
“Fuck baby, get dat dick!”…
Yeah Daddy, you know ya baby boo got you. 
Kissin’ it, lickin’ it, suckin’ it…
In and out, wit a pop every time its out, 
then gulped it back down wit a slurp…
Is it too much, you bout to BUSS…
you about to, you about to…
CUMMM and celebrate, you finally NUTTED 
[swallowing it ALLL] hmmm. 
Don’t you feel better now…you OWE ME baby.


Cumm and Celebrate will also be a new segment, joining...
"Greet" the "Meat"
Luv IS a beautiful thing 
Best BOD

HaPPy HumP DaE!

That time again I see, well....


HaPPy HumP DaE!

I know Im LATE but better that than NEVER,lol.


Always Knew iLOVED Mickey D's from some reason...

FUCKING BEAUTIFUL...if only father knew lol. Some of us here in the U.S. are wondering WHY we never seen THIS in the states...Well its because  the ad is just one in a series that aims to "recognise the diversity of McDonald's customers in France" (as explained by Australia's Brisbane Times) . We will not in a LONGGGGG time(who am I to say "never")  EVER see some thing like THAT in AMERICA it is SHAMEFUL. Hell it aired IN FRANCE and you got people HERE in an up roar...pathetic.