You won’t give me the dick, Okay, I’ll steal it from you. Handcuff you to the bed and take it from you. Suck you, deep throat you, steal that cum , your un born seeds from dem balls, now I got you applauding. Now I got you wanting it. In my point of view your dick taste good in the mouth. In your point of view your dick felt good in my mouth, now it got your wondering what my other hole be like. Well I was waiting for nobody but YOU papi, so its Tight. UN cuff you, so you can get this booty. Make this boi pussy yours daddy…sign yo name on it, and that hand print from that smacks on my ass gonna be the, “Yours Truly” I say that dick is King, you say , “Yea, well inside you is my kingdom” Cum, cum,cummm, I’m cumm….FUCK! I hope this happens again and again ‘cause I have not even begun to get tired of this good dick. Its better than I expected. Who in their right mind would ever neglect it? You out, I’m like what the fuck you doing? You tell me to wait a second. Then I feel it, Yea get it wet. Your tongue damn near feel as good as the dick. Shit!..eat it baby, French kissing it, licking it,spitting in it, I like it sloppy. Got me feeling on top of the world, but now I wanna be on top of you. Swirling the hips when I’m riding you. Bet your girl can’t do the dick like this. Spinning on it, doing the splits on it, doing crazy ass tricks. Hot and sweaty, I love the way your abs look like this. Licking you nipple as a you beat it up from under me. Turn me over, give me every Inch of what you got baby, I’ll take it ALL like a soldier. With my legs up, eyes rolled, the insides of me molded from the what you just busted off,  and I can feel it flowing, but you won’t, you keep on going. As I look down, the site of seeing that fat dick going in and out of me made me cum again. Now the result of you givin it to me good is all between our hard bodies, already wet from the sweat, now we stickin together. Now we both tired, as we rest tryna decide will we go anotha round, no matter the decision, I’m just glad I decided to TAKE the dick instead of waiting for you to give to me.


:sighs: I STILL think about You...

  Its been a year, SIX months, and TWENTY-TWO days since May 22nd of 2009, the day we graduated high school. I haven't SEEN you in the flesh since, but you're STILL on my mind. YOU was the one that ADDED fuel to the Fire when I was going thru the motions with my sexuality. You know the story of the closeted confused gay teen IN LOVE with the STRAIGHT boi...yea That was the story of my life. EVERY night I dreamt about You making Love to ME, holding ME, saying you Love ME! You KNOW your life SUCKS when you look forward to sleep 'cause you KNOW its your ONLY happy time. I wrote SOOOO many  poems dedicated to You. You're Tall, Smart, had a Sense of Humor, Athletic, you were HOT, and you had a HOT body...I admired you. I was SURE I was in love with you, then I told myself I wasn't...I told myself I'm in Lust with you, then I told myself Blah,blah...I was obsessed, infatuated, it didn't matter WHAT it was...'cause ALLL of those things ARE feelings, so no matter WHAT I had FEELINS for YOU, no matter WHAT those feelins was. You made me slushy on the inside, when ever you spoke, hell EVEN when I simply HEARD your name, the person who said it didnt even have to be talking about You...there's LOTS of people in this world with That name. I was ALWAYS soo excited when you spoke to me, when you would say,"Hi" to me, but of course I couldn't show it, so I gave the infamous,"Sup" afterwards I always fought with myself telling myself I SHOULDA appeared More happy to talk to you.

      I HAD you as a friend on Myspace, at the Time when I added you really wasn't THAT big of deal, but later on I'm was SOOOO glad I had You in my friends list, so I could look at your pictures and FEAST on your BEAUTY like I couldn't do at school. So as time progress my feelins went DEEPER, the More DEEPER it went, the MORE I wanted you DEEP inside ME, but ahhh let's NOT make this sexual, HaHa. Anyway I  thought about tellin you all this...I thought writing you an anonymous note but HOW THE HELL would give it to you AND you just MIGHT know my handwriting anyway, we Did have class together. Sooo I THOUGHT about creating a profile on Myspace that Sole purpose would serve as my *note, I would NOT have NO type of info on it, just send you a message, and delete it once I see you have read it. You WON'T know that it was ME, but at least you'll know how I feel. I EVEN went as FAR as To PRINT out TWO of your pics, so I wouldn't have to be on the computer to see you. Stalker-ish, kinda...maybe, but Whatev. THAT was my only way to really look at you like wanted to...SO imagine My despair when You DELETED you Myspace for some reason. I search and search almost every damn day to see if you maybe created a New one...One day it happen, put a smile on my face. I was getting PISSED 'cause one time you had you page Private, the next it wasn't, the next your page was open but your Pics was private, UGH! I was TOOO shy to add you Again, AS STUPID as It sounds I felt like just by adding you would KNOW, I felt like adding you was telling you I  WANTED YOU!...too scared to click that *Add Friend* button. Your pics from then on out STAYed private, but I still was getting all I could get out of your default picture, but that stopped 'cause now you never on Myspace, sooooo I COULDNT SEE YOU ANYMORE, I stop visiting your page. As the time I noted earlier started to be set in motion I started to think about you LESS and LESS...I THOUGHT I was over you Until...




population of this country is 300 million.

million are retired.

That leaves 140 million to do the

There are 85 million in school.

Which leaves 55 million to do the work.

Of this there are 35 million employed by the federal

Leaving 20 million to do the work.

2.8 million are in the armed forces preoccupied
with killing Osama

Which leaves 17.2
million to do the work.

Take from that total the 15.8
million people who work for state and city
Governments. And that
leaves 1.4 million to do the work.

At any given
time there are 188,000 people in hospitals.

1,212,000 to do the work.

Now, there are 1,211,998 people
in prisons.

That leaves just two people to do the work.

You and…



Tattoo Tuesday

A SEXY ass tattoo artist from Canada going by the name Van the Tattoo Man I discovered via Facebook(go Like his page Just cuz he sexy, thats what I DID lol)

CAUTION: Sexy man @ work,lol.



Ever been in THIS kind of situation...


UGHH!!!! Being a Virgin SUX!!!!...

See if I WASN'T a virgin I would know how it feels to cum like THIS...
 With a DICK like THIS...
 ...Inside me.
I would RIDE him like this.....
Let him Hit it from the Back like THIS...
And after he makes me cum I would repaying him by sucking his Dick like THIS...
'Til he CUMS and its gets messy like THIS...
...and it'll be RUDE to spit[ hint,hint :winks: ]

and if you Can't tell YES, I'm Horny again, this post is my sexual therapy so don't me judge me,LOL 
:sexually frustrated sigh:


theEssfitcee @ Tumblr

(click on picture)

And NO that DOES NOT mean I will Stop things HERE, this blog will STILL be in FULL affect.



 Jus wanted to share T H I S with ya'll right quick...DAMNNNNNNN MR. MILLER!!!!!


This is Why I STILL think saggers are Hawt...

 Yea baby, jus...pull it down a Lil off the waist, from the front let me see that beautiful V-cut and how it looks going deeper in your underwear where something even more beautiful is slanging. I can see the start of that growth of pubic hair @ the end of that happy trail(if you have it) With you sagging like that brings me closer to seeing that di...closer to seeing that wonderful thing I wouldn't mind licking/sucking. From the back let me see that fatty, that perfect bubble booty, the shape, the way it sinks in the middle...a turn on to know that the only thing in the way between me seeing that beautiful Pretty Pink Rosebud is that thin layer of boxer briefs,Ohhh FUCK!


Who AM I To U?

Who am I 2 u? Apparently way less than what I wanna be.
The ever so famous phrase, "I wanna be Ur only."
is the story of my life. In Ur arms I kno it would feel so right.
I wish it could be me u love & make love 2. To be inside me
in more ways than one is a dream I would like 2 come tru.
Already in my heart, in my mind, in my soul, but the NEED
4 u 2 REALLY be inside me is takin its toll. I do really want 2
be wit u it's MORE than bout sex, even if we don't last 4ever
at least we could be 2gether then u could leave, so at least I can say Ur my ex. Love got me under attack.
Who Am I 2 U? NUTHIN & apparently I will
ALWAYS be that.


Thirsty Thursdays

Forget the Grey Goose, I just wanna GET LOOSE WIT HIM!!! MY GAWD!!!! 

 WOOOH, Im gettin HAWT, I NEED sum WATER...HIS...AND he gotta TONGUE RING!!!
MY, MY, MY...I just wanna LICK his nipples...OKAY Im LYING that's NOT JUST what I wanna do,lol.

We can sip the ALIZE ALLL the WAY to his Bed.


Being Who I AM.

Apparently being who I am is enough to be deserving of your hate. Regardless of the fact that me simply being who I am, do you or no one else any harm directly or indirectly. Why? Never mind, I realize and recognize that you could NEVER give an answer to that question that makes sense. Yes we are different, but if you take a knife to cut us both, our bloods the same color. We may be a different height, but I grow just like you do. We may talk different, maybe even different languages, but I talk just like you do. While we may be looking at different things, I see just like you. I cry just like you, smile like you, laugh like you. Being Who I AM obviously I don’t prefer the opposite, but I love JUST like you do. So why can’t I express who I love publicly without anyone looking at me strangely. Oh excuse me, I guess me Being Who I AM is too much for you. Sorry, my apologizes, but I am what I am, I’m just Being Who I AM, and camps, therapist, and exorcisms CAN’T change me.

HaPPy HumP DaE!

Wet Wednesday


Boi You BETTA WERK!!!!

I seen this vid on the Tube a whillllle ago, deciding to STOP being selfish(lol) and share it with you, IF you havn't seen it already...I KNOW you WILL enjoy 'cause he IS doin the damn thang.


Dis is how I WANT IT right now...

Give IT to me on my Back...
Give IT from the Back...
Get me WET and TONGUE FVCK ME...

Now LAY there and LET me LICK IT, FRENCH KISS, SUCK IT, til IT CUMS and IT obey my THIRST!