Putting Things in Perspective

So last night I put things in perspective...well actually my mother did. Realizing that it's got to be something special coming to our family because we are ALL going through things. It's everyone close to me. I am ashamed that I never thought about mother, father, and brother's problem as a whole.

Everyday I have to deal with the trials and tribulations of being in a long distance relationship with the love of my life. Everyday is a struggle to save money to live together when he has car note, car insurance, and phone bill to pay. And me, not being paid much at my job AND my hours being cut lately. Only talking on the weekends because his job is overnight. His car just broke down yesterday morning so the dollars that were saved up for us is going to have to go to getting that car fixed. And no I'm not blaming him.

My brothers buried marriage [which I have came to the conclusion my "sister-in-law" is a SLUT to put it nicely] my father has been unemployed for months, pushed out because of corrupted managers that simply didn't like him because he wasn't kissing ass. My mother may be FORCED into retirement because a private corporation is buying the medical center formerly own by the state. But this is the "American way" corporations owning everything with more power than the government.

Mother says "there's something good coming to us" and God is on our side. Which is true, yet still thinking about everything as a WHOLE is depressing.

Is something coming...a blessing or just more "hardships" because my patience is being tried. If this is a life lesson, I believe I've learned it by now. God...homie, could you give me a BREAK?