Life Questions?

Is there even a leader among  incompetent individuals ?


Prepare for 2012...

And I DON'T mean be prepared for the ending of the WORLD. I mean Be prepared for 2012 in the 'good ol' USA. Why? Because this country is FUCKED UP! And every year it seems to get even more fucked up. I'm not just talking about the economy...I'm talking about the morals of the people get more fucked up each year. The youth die younger each year, get pregnant younger each year, the young [my generation] give a fuck LESSER about SERIOUS things happening in this country...each year. The people are getting even more stupid and ignorant...each year. This country is getting more and more about solely ENTERTAINMENT (ex. those fucking Kardashians)...each year.  As the economy is sinking so is everything else. Each year this country's  education gets more and more incompetent and the laziness of the people in power think that just by simply making school days longer, it will magically fix things. NO! But whatever right? That's not important right? Just be PREPARED! The presidential race OFFICIALLY kicks off in 2012, so it's about to get REAL MESSY! Obama has a supporter in me...he is trying, and I know if it's anybody but HIM then we are going to go BACKWARDS and everything that Obama has done will be UNDONE. But I'm sadly not confident that he will have a 2nd term...why?...Of course because of politics, because the people of this country are so fucked up...the politics is MORE important [to THEM]  than the problems this country faces...Soooo again, BE PREPARED!


Two Rappers, One Studio [A Short Gay Erotica]

After all this time of being the writer I am, being a writer of poetry and a few songs, here and there. I would like to take this time to INTRODUCE My very 1ST short gay erotica. 

Rapper, Big Bank, was spittin' his 16 bars in the booth...shirtless. With his pecs flexing, abs shining from sweat because of the energy and passion he was putting into his new song. As he looked down at his notepad, another rapper entered the studio. As rapper, Swagmean, looked into the booth, he looked confused. This was supposed to be his studio time. Big Bank spotted him and immediately became pissed. He had already told the studio manager he wanted no interruptions, he exited the booth.

Big Bank-"Sup homie, can I help you with somethin'" walking towards Swagmean with his juicy, pretty pink lips formed into a mug.

Swagmean-"Yeah, you can tell me why you here on my studio time" he said putting on his game face, as well, as trying  hard not to look at Big Bank 's  tatted, hot, ripped, and  sweaty body walking in his direction.

Big Bank-“Yo studio time? Aye nigga, I don’t know what you talkin’ bout. I got this shit booked for the whole day” he made it known as the other fellow rapper turns anyway from him to take off his jacket. Big Bank then notices this perfectly round fat ass on this skinny but muscular frame. Licking his lips as it flexes with his movements. Seeing how the middle Swagmean’s Hanes underwear creased into the crack of his ass was making his dick hard. And that arch in his back… [Damn, yeah….he definitely gets down AND gets dick down] Big Bank was thinking to himself, smiling.

Swagmean-“Yeah nigga, I booked this time, TODAY” as he notices the growing “8 ½  bars” inside Banks red b-ball shorts. Swag could tell he was also free balling, wearing no underwear. “But it’s not a big deal man, you straight. What was you recording?”

Big Bank-“My song, Missionary. This how the chorus go; I like it missionary, arch that back, open them legs, take this dick, I’mma make yo eyes rolled into to the back of ya head.” He recited as he walks closer to Swagmean, looking him in the eyes.

Swagmean-“That shit is hot man…I mean it’s a hot song.” He said all the while fighting the urge not to moan and extended his hand and touch this sexy ass man close to him shirtless.  Head getting kind of dizzy, Swagmean puts his hand on the recording equipment to keep his balance.

Big Bank-“Yeah, I know…maybe we should collaborate while you here” he said, while getting even closer to him, rubbing his wet abs, flexing his chest, licking his lips. “We can make some hot tracks together don’t you think….?”..............