To Wait Or NOT To Wait: Getting OFF of Work Or Getting Off AT Work?

In recent months I have began to be intrigued by public masturbation. Searching through various sites such as MyVidster and Xtube to be the hottest one. I began with curiously as I wanted to expand on my "ammo" of porn, used for stimulation in my j/o sessions.  I honestly still have found one that I felt was just so fucking hot, but I use to NOT be into masturbation videos in the first place...with my fetish of cum, of course that was gonna change.

When watching videos of guys public jacking off in parks, on buses...I began to get curious about my own public adventure...at work. For months I've been thinking and contemplation...should I do it? As far as taking some nude pictures to send to my boyfriend that has been it. No harm in that...just slip away for customers and slide pants down and a few snaps then pulls pants back up...easy. Masturbation is more than that.  

Well I finally decided. One slow night at work...just last night. I wasn't doing it in the bathroom...too nasty and people coming in and out. That would turn me off. And it would be a LOT or No danger depending on WHERE in the bathroom I would have jacked off. In a stall? No danger...Not what I'm looking for. Not in a stall and out in the OPEN of the bathroom? THAT'S GOING TOO FAR! Not only would I would have gotten fired if caught, but ARRESTED. What if a little boy walked in a bathroom? NO. I wanted a LITTLE danger, but yet little risk of getting caught. 

What I did? There is an spot in the back stock room, it's upstairs and anyone hardly is up there unless there are co workers that have tasks and the things they would need for it are upstairs in the stock room. I did it there, I DID IT.