Tell Them The Truth!

You know as a child growing up...the parents, the teachers, every adult that a kid knew promised them the world. They all give you the impression that life is gonna be perfect like unicorns and rainbows. They make you THINK that it's going to be easy to be successful. 

As you grow older you start to learn QUICK that it is not so. You start to see what they all told you was complete BULLSHIT. And instead of being prepared because you Already know how it is and what to do...you are NOT prepared because you didn't know it would be like this. Once you are finally old enough Life looks at you and say, "Okay you not a child anymore so here is THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS, AND OH THIS!"

When this happens you get OVERWHELMED by reality. This is how people end up not knowing what to do with their life or  not knowing how to go about doing it. Because of the "LIFE IS EASY" lies we were given as a kid our dreams weren't REALISTIC. We were blinded by the falsy that "You can do what ever you put your mind to" You were not told you will have to go through BLOOD, SWEAT, TEARS to get to where you really want to be in life. You are not told that Life is gonna WHIP YO ASS, so be prepared. Oh no, we have to keep it "cute" for the kids. So you WANT to give them false hopes? Instead of telling TRUTH from the beginning so they better READY THEIR SELVES as they get older. THAT would be more of an advantage don't you think? 

Let's stop giving them fairy tales and tell children THE TRUTH. They would WORK HARDER in school, be more realistic about their future and better prepared.