Repeal,"Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

They're good enough to put THEIRS LIVES on the line for this country...But Not good enough to do it openly gay...Huh? What...do they think the enemies will think we weak of something 'cause the army is full of "flamers"? *smh*...in the words of Dewayne, "hope I dont look weak 'cuz when a wolf cry wolf you still see that wolfs teeth Muthafuckaaaa." 

pic above stolen(lol) from the facebook page of the Human Rights Campaign..."like"them.


Towel Tuesday

I know I'm late, but you're not gonna seriously complain...right? lol


I want to be a Cop, so I can do this...

although its Very old, still...LMAO...seriously IS THIS WHY UR A COP...TO "COP" A FEEL*smh* You can NOT tell me that AS A COP you don't know the difference between a GUN and a DICK,lol. WoW, I don't blame him tho, I kno if I was a cop and saw a cute black guy(especially if his  pants are saggin w/ ASSets showin)I WOULD be tempted to do sum "racial profile'n" LOL


The Bumpy Road

No red or green lights, no speed limits or yield signs in sight…
So I guess that means we can do what we want. 
You can drive how ever you want, 
Cuz I’m surely gonna ride how ever I want. 
Don’t stop…keep going farther and farther, deeper and deeper…
As you drive into me from under me.Yes! Drive Me, Take Me There. 
Its feeling too good, but don’t slow down. 
Your key in my ignition…if there is anybody listening…
The neighbors?...Yeah they definitely know your WHOLE name. 
I’ve came...you’re cumming. 

I hop off, engulfed you, swallow you,  your unborn kiddies are in my stomach. 
Then I lick up from your juicy fat piece, 
As I drive my tongue across your bumpy terrain like abs…
Simply beautiful. 


I could just lick your body all day. 
Your hard work is showing, 
As it has transformed into precipitating sweat…
Now THAT mixed with the salty nectar I left on you       
When I rode on it and exploded…ohhh so sweet. 

Up to your chest, then up to your lips…
We share a kiss. 
That’s the taste of our love loving…
The sweat, the nut…
Ohhh how this won’t ever be the night I soon will forget. 
Thank you SOOOO much 
For taking me on this Bumpy Road.

Wet Wednesday

HaPPy HumP DaE!



Cute guy gets BITCH SLAP'D!!!!

*SMH all day long* PATHETIC, was his freestyle THAT BAD? lol That's a DAMN shame...my nig you just GOT OWNd and u didn't do ANYthing bout it? And he's cute 2*SMH*...I know I COULDN'T COUNT on HIM to protect me if he was my man.  +Who ever edited this vid...GOOD JOB, the effects are hilarious,lol.

J Soussa

Thirsty Thursday

I'm Thirsty...How about U?


I Love Yo Man.

In public...
The dude keep callin me...
A faggot.
I don't get embarrassed tho.
I don’t care, cause I know...
It is I that’ll be ridin that dick tonite.
Way better then his bitch do.
I don’t like his chick,
But the bitch think we cool.
Having no idea...
I'm fucking her boo.
She be telling me all they business to.
It puts a smile on my face...
When she tell me he has, "Never said I love U."
But he said it to me so many times before...
From the very second he walks through my door
And right before he kisses me and leaves.
From what she tell me...
He do more things for me.
He take me out mo.
I know you  probably think...
I’mma ho,
A home wrecker,
That ain’t no home...
Its just a house.
With me is where home is.
I gotta and gonna get mines.
He belongs wit me.
Its just gonna take him sum time...
To realize.
Girllll, if u only knew.
If u only knew why...
He always leaving u alone at night.
He needs somebody that’s a freak,
That’s nice and tight.
I supply that.
The hickeys on his neck...
I did that.
The scratches on his back...
I did that.
When u see him wit a smile on his face,
And he smell like sex...
I did that.
Cause he was deep inside of me, nuttin.
Ya’ll “relationship” aint nothing.
OUR relationship is the shit.
Bitch, I love yo man, and I’m fucking yo man.
What you gon' do about it?

Don't Not judge me by this poem,lol...
I am not a home wrecker...
pure creativity,lol. 

OK I've made My Decision...

Going back and forth with myself on,"who I'd rather...of the NEW BOYZ" I finally decided 2 go with Ben J...if I just HAD to choose,lol. Although their BOTH sexy, I figure Legacy is more of the "cute" sexy but Ben J more just plain "fine as Hell" sexy...His lips, hot body(oh My GOODNESS dem NIPPLES are a KILLER,lol), he's tall, he is just a beautiful dark chocolate specimen. It ain't about rather I listen to there music, I just want them in my Damn room,lol. And for all you older guys, they are young...yes, but within the Legal age,so you are free 2 fantasize about them as  I surely will. But that's all i wanted 2 say...hmmmm BYE,lol.