This is Why I STILL think saggers are Hawt...

 Yea baby, jus...pull it down a Lil off the waist, from the front let me see that beautiful V-cut and how it looks going deeper in your underwear where something even more beautiful is slanging. I can see the start of that growth of pubic hair @ the end of that happy trail(if you have it) With you sagging like that brings me closer to seeing that di...closer to seeing that wonderful thing I wouldn't mind licking/sucking. From the back let me see that fatty, that perfect bubble booty, the shape, the way it sinks in the middle...a turn on to know that the only thing in the way between me seeing that beautiful Pretty Pink Rosebud is that thin layer of boxer briefs,Ohhh FUCK!


Who AM I To U?

Who am I 2 u? Apparently way less than what I wanna be.
The ever so famous phrase, "I wanna be Ur only."
is the story of my life. In Ur arms I kno it would feel so right.
I wish it could be me u love & make love 2. To be inside me
in more ways than one is a dream I would like 2 come tru.
Already in my heart, in my mind, in my soul, but the NEED
4 u 2 REALLY be inside me is takin its toll. I do really want 2
be wit u it's MORE than bout sex, even if we don't last 4ever
at least we could be 2gether then u could leave, so at least I can say Ur my ex. Love got me under attack.
Who Am I 2 U? NUTHIN & apparently I will
ALWAYS be that.


Thirsty Thursdays

Forget the Grey Goose, I just wanna GET LOOSE WIT HIM!!! MY GAWD!!!! 

 WOOOH, Im gettin HAWT, I NEED sum WATER...HIS...AND he gotta TONGUE RING!!!
MY, MY, MY...I just wanna LICK his nipples...OKAY Im LYING that's NOT JUST what I wanna do,lol.

We can sip the ALIZE ALLL the WAY to his Bed.


Being Who I AM.

Apparently being who I am is enough to be deserving of your hate. Regardless of the fact that me simply being who I am, do you or no one else any harm directly or indirectly. Why? Never mind, I realize and recognize that you could NEVER give an answer to that question that makes sense. Yes we are different, but if you take a knife to cut us both, our bloods the same color. We may be a different height, but I grow just like you do. We may talk different, maybe even different languages, but I talk just like you do. While we may be looking at different things, I see just like you. I cry just like you, smile like you, laugh like you. Being Who I AM obviously I don’t prefer the opposite, but I love JUST like you do. So why can’t I express who I love publicly without anyone looking at me strangely. Oh excuse me, I guess me Being Who I AM is too much for you. Sorry, my apologizes, but I am what I am, I’m just Being Who I AM, and camps, therapist, and exorcisms CAN’T change me.

HaPPy HumP DaE!

Wet Wednesday


Boi You BETTA WERK!!!!

I seen this vid on the Tube a whillllle ago, deciding to STOP being selfish(lol) and share it with you, IF you havn't seen it already...I KNOW you WILL enjoy 'cause he IS doin the damn thang.


Dis is how I WANT IT right now...

Give IT to me on my Back...
Give IT from the Back...
Get me WET and TONGUE FVCK ME...

Now LAY there and LET me LICK IT, FRENCH KISS, SUCK IT, til IT CUMS and IT obey my THIRST!


SUICIDE IS NOT THE WAY(Why the RISE in gayteen Suicide?...)

The heighten amount of gay teen suicide lately saddens me. It ALL could have been avoided...its no secret WHY they did it. Because the things Said and Done to them, they felt it was NO other way to get away from it. The way I see it the UNaccepting/homophobic community ARE responsible. Why I say this...well because Lawfully speaking just because the person in question was Not DIRECTLY  involved the crime does Not mean that they wasn't IN-directly involve via Conspiracy. So the things that were SAID and DONE to these individuals(rest in peace) CAUSE them to do this...SOOOOO they might as well have pulled the trigger their selves. If you are bullying you ARE enabling that person to possibly commit suicide OR bring a GUN to school. With EVERY tear dropped from their eyes...the MORE the tears drops from those eyes that YOU caused...YOU ARE PUTTING THAT GUN IN THEIR HAND!!  WORDS DO HURT!!!!! A lot of these victims are younger the 16. SOOOO much life left in them!!!  People on the outside looking in ask a question, "Why would a person kill themselves?" Your answer because they felt the powers that be gave them motive...a MOTIVE does not mean that motive was a good reason, but it was too much for them to take anymore. People on the outside looking in feel that those commit suicide are COWARDS...SOOOOO judgmental. How could you, YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY WENT THRU TO GET THEM TO THAT POINT!!! 

If I can share my story for a moment if you don't mind...I used to call MYSELF a coward a while back, because I DIDN'T KILL MYSELF!!!! Yea that's right, suicide was HEAVY on MY mind once upon a time.I think it was on a LOT of minds suffering from the SAME situation a closeted/out gay teen couldn't help to find their selves in. I was thinking these guys WASN'T  cowards because they did what I couldn't do. I would always have a excuses: couldn't use a gun, wouldn't know the first thing about going about Getting one AND I always thought,"Well I don't want my suicide to be messy..." couldn't over dose on pills because its difficult for me to swallow them. Didn't wanna hang myself, I would still have to suffer as I'm choking. "Oh I can't kill myself now, my bro getting married...me killing myself would put a damper on that." I know it was ALLL because I simply didn't have the heart to take my own life anyway....SOOOO I hope for some freak accident to kill  me. But I HAVE a life TO LIVE!!!

I've realize SUICIDE IS NOT THE WAY. You HAVE TO realize that there ARE heartless people who WANT US DEAD...WE CAN NOT GIVE WHAT THEY WANT!!!!!!! I UNDERSTAND, I REALLLLY DO, BUT ITS NOT THE WAY!! I'm STILL here, a COLLEGE student, I expected NOT to be here because I wanted to be dead and gone by now. But I'm STILL here, even though this gay thing is bit of a problem, hell it ALWAYS will be...BUT THERE STILL WILL BE SMILES, NOT FROWNS ALL THE TIME. I'm a PROUD uncle of THREE BEAUTIFUL nieces,  I'm having a BLAST out here in SU in Baton Rouge. When ever its dark outside, just know the sun IS shining some where, and as the world spends the BRIGHT SIDE WILL COME TO YOU.T H I N K before you commit...You never know the HAPPINESS that awaits YOU in the future.