Outrage, is an epic 2009 documentary about CLOSETED politicians taking part of damaging the LGBT community by supporting  anti-gay legislation. 

A few weeks ago I found 'Outrage' by way of Netflix. It was the greatest documentary I've seen in a while. It sadden me, pissed me off, and made me happy all at once.

Documentary begins discussing the despicable Sen. Larry Craig. A strong supporter of anti-gay legislation, but arrested in a "cruising" scandal involving a public restroom of a  Minneapolis airport with another MALE. In which he plead guilty to, but later denied involvement after scandal was made public. Prior to his own sexual escapades, he also was a big critic of the Pres. Clinton and Monica scandal, stating Bill was a "bad nasty naughty boy" and the American people shouldn't trust him. Multiple men admitting to being sexual involved with Craig despite marriage to wife and pushing the anti-gay laws. 

Then the film discusses Gov. Charlie Crist who also had "alleged" involvement with varies men and was also single. He is believed to have paid for a stand in girlfriend, they "broke up" soon after. When said "ex girlfriend" was asked to comment on Gov. Crist in documentary  she responded saying, "I think I should keep my mouth closed, call me back 10 years from now...then I'll give you a story." Crist continued his support of anti-gay legislation and later married another women. 


My Bias Is NOT With You!

I know I am very late on this subject, but whatever. Recently FLOTUS spoke at a fundraiser and to get straight to the point...she was heckled. Heckle by non other than a gay rights activist who is an lesbian.  

I'm sorry, but  not really. I cannot stand by her, this heckler [such an awkward word, ewww] because we both are gay. She was WRONG and it was an inappropriate time and she only made HERSELF look stupid and crazy. Knowing that the Obamas are the MOST supporting political figures of the GAY RIGHTS MOVEMENT at the moment, why disrespect her like that? 

I want to know if she is "taking a stand" at any other political figures who are PUBLICLY AGAINST gay rights. This women demands executive order from Obama...first of all that Michelle's HUSBAND you should be taking that up with, not her. I feel like she probably won't have the "balls" to actually do it to Barack. Furthermore, she must not understand how politics and the Supreme Court works. That "order" would still have to go through THEM. 

America is getting better with it's gay tolerance  but we are definitely NOT there yet. An executive order would be useless at this time. Pressure needs to be put on SOCIETY, not the president. The major of society is whats shaping this movement right now. And honestly I was EMBARRASSED by Ms. Sturtz  antics.