An Historic Day!

As you all know the story behind my boyfriend and I. [Read About It Here] We have been going STRONG for 7 months now. Through out our relationship we have expressed our distaste in the distance. That hasn't stopped our love from getting deeper and stronger each day that we talk. We have wondered when will we meet. How would we? Being that neither 1 of us are in position to pick up and go as we please...getting to each other with the great distance between us is not easy. So one day when my older bro called me....saying he is going vacation and wanted to take a road trip, to non other than Atlanta, GA [where the Love of MY Life resides] So of course I was excited, but he didn't know why. He didn't know I was excited that I was gonna get to see MY MAN! I, at first, I didn't want to tell my boyfriend...I didn't want to get hopes up, because things may not have worked out. I decided to tell him anyways. Afterwards we planned our "meet and greet" in his words, "you are not gonna be here and me not see you" Haha thats my baby! Now ATL is an exciting city, but the city has a whole new level of excitement for me for obvious reasons. We decided we would meet in the MACY'S at Lenox Mall. Unbeknownst to my bro and my cousin, who I traveled to ATL with, they had no idea my ONLY interest in even being in the Peach state was MY MAN. Being at mall before him...when he sent me that text that said, "I'm here" My heart dropped, in a good way. I then told my bro and cuz, "Let's go in MACY'S" I texted my boo, to tell him where exactly was my location inside of the store. THEN....it HAPPENS! I see HIM COMING DOWN THE AISLE. OMG! He smoothly touched my lower back as he passes me. I distance myself from my family to go somewhere privately with my man. I KISSED HIM, TOUCHED HIM, CARESSED HIM, LICKED HIM, RUBBED HIM, AND...SUCKED HIM ;) I have FINALLY get to feel my man's touches, his kisses, his licks, and oh my gawd TO KISS HIM. This couldn't last forever, but it was better than great. I didn't want to leave  him. I didn't want to remember what it feels like to see him in person, because if I stay with him...I wouldn't have to. So as he goes down the escalator and me going in other  direction. I repeatedly turn back to look at him. My heart was guiding my head to look back, my brain was telling me to be discreet. Next we meet I want it to be permanent. *dreamy sigh

We bowed our heads to thank God. 
This day happened on the day of OCTOBER 27, 2011[Thurs.
An Historic Day!


Still think OBAMA hasn't done much?...

[The above websitewhatthefuckhasobamadonesofar]...challenges naysayers that believe, and want YOU to as well, that Obama has done NOTHING as 44th president. This website INFORMS you that he has in fact done many things as president. Just because the media isn't letting you know EVERYTHING that is going on behind the scenes, does not mean nothing is happening. Just click the [funny, entertaining, sarcastic] links on to the next accomplishment of Obama's presidency. BE INFORMED, you have NO excuse when I'm giving you this opportunity.


You think you know it ALL, 'cause you're So Str8?

It still amazes me how many individuals still think we are dumb, inferior and that there is something mentally wrong with us. How I know they think this? Well for example, all of those prejudice heterosexuals think they know MORE about homosexuality than WE DO.  They think that WE are the ignorant ones. They REALLY think they have more understanding of OUR sexuality, more Understanding of Homosexuality than we do. They want to tell US, why we are gay. They want to tell us, we CHOSE this. They think they have all the answers, but are blind  to their own ignorance. 

"You are gay because something dramatic happened in your life that affected your life." That is the absolute one of the stupidest thing I have ever heard. So YOU ARE telling me that something dramatic must happen to YOU to make you straight, right? To think such a thing is CLEARLY based on the fact that society has painted heterosexuality to be the superior and "normal" sexuality. So to BE homosexual...something "bad" MUST have happened to transform you into a homosexual. Because of THIS, they think we NEED therapy. Do they need therapy for their heterosexuality?   They think this is something that can be corrected. Tisk, tisk. I will not wallow in sympathy  because of their ignorance...I KNOW me, they do not. 

"Being gay is wrong because..." Let me GUESS, BECAUSE of what the Bible say? The bible that WASN'T personally constructed by God or Jesus. The bible that ALSO has a LONG list of OTHER things deemed sinful, BUT you choose to ignore. Even homosexuality was here before Jesus. Being gay is wrong...being straight isn't? Yet another justification society has use to deem heterosexuality as the superior sexuality. But the bible was ALSO used to justify slavery and any race other than white was deemed inferior. Its happening ALL OVER again...WHEN will they learn?........


Couple File for Divorce After Gay Marriage "Destroys The Sanctity of Their Marriage" O_o

The state of Bob and Sally Roberts’ eight year satirical union isn’t looking good, y’all. The Leaky Wiki writes that all those homos getting their gay marriage on in New York have broken the Roberts’ bond by stripping their marriage of its sanctity.
In an interview, Bob stated, “Sally and I have been together for a long time. Our oldest son just turned ten years old. And through all the arguing and nagging, I really did love her. But now that two men are allowed to share a life and be happy and devoted, I just don’t think that I can see my marriage as holy anymore.”
Sally held similar opinions. “Our life hadn’t been easy. Bob’s been working three jobs to support the kids. I thought of leaving him when he had that affair, but I knew my marriage was sacred in the eyes of the Lord, and [I] couldn’t leave him. But I can’t believe my marriage is holy when two homosexuals can have an honest, long-term, monogamous life as a married couple.”
Sally and Bob showed us the divorce papers. “Our lawyer said that ‘the gays’ isn’t a valid reason on the divorce papers,” Bob told us, “so we decided on a no-fault divorce.”

Really?...*shaking my head* No comment at the moment...their ignorance has me speechless.

via. [unicornbooty.com]


WE The People

WE THE PEOPLE  are not outcasts but treated as such, are we NOT a part of THIS country? WE THE PEOPLE deserve OUR rights the same as others. They think we ARE “confused” because of WHO WE ARE….we are NOT, America is. America SUPPOSE to be so high and mighty…America has always painted itself as having PRIDE in its citizens, so WHY do AMERICAN citizens need to FIGHT for AMERICAN RIGHTS? America is confused. Gay marriage is wrong? At first INTERRACIAL marriage was WRONG. How long is AMERICA gonna KEEP switching and changing what the “definition” of what marriage is instead just ADMITTING marriage is SUPPOSE to be between love and LOVE