Soooo, tonite I, 4 the 1st time, seen the movie Good Boy. Its about a touching budding friendship between Huble(a dog) & Owen(a boy). I will explain what is about make my point NOT 2 completely tell u what its about. Soo supposedly dog were sent from another planet 2 RULE humans.

The Queen(of the dogs) came 2 see if they were doing there job, they wasnt, so she ordered ALLLL dogs back home. But Huble spoke up, told her bout the LOVE a dog & human share, she accepted it & every "earth" dog was able 2 go back 2 thiers owners....And then I CRIED, yes CRIED, NOT becuz it was CUTE but becuz I COMPARED it 2 MY situation. Everyone WONT accept that I have a attraction 2 the same sex.

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