Pants On Tha Ground:Saggin-- Yay! or Nay!?

I myself don't sag on the count of me thinking its tacky, and would completely ruin my whole outfit.  Many would say it is not cute and disgusting...would say that Men shouldn't carry themselves in that way. I feel that way too, to an extent. Like the saying goes, "Everything AIN'T everybody."...meaning I ain't gon' lie I think its HAWT , but ONLY if the guy is HAWT. I don't want to see an ugly dude sag...just like you probably wouldn't want to see a person who was big and hairy...shirtless. The way the boxers or boxer/briefs fit perfectly, especially if they got a booty to fill it out. The curves of it, lookin soooo smooth...not to mention how the middle of the underwear he's wearing sinks into the crease of the ass, clearly seeing the separation between the right booty cheek and the left, knowing there's a special pink hole inbetween,lol. How it moves when he walks. Sometimes its not even ALWAYS about the back...when they are saggin' WITH their shirts off,OMG!! Saggin with pants down a lil and you can see The V(abs, chest ADDED w/ seeing that V is a TKO 4 me,lol)...knowing the point of that V leads to The 'D',lol...For some, if they saggin low enough, you can see the outline of the dick show.
 People have repeatably said time and time WHERE saggin originated, but OBVIOUSLY that's NOT gonna make those str8 "men" STOP saggin...MAYBE if they knew 1st hand, the kind of  freaky things, a actual gay dude like me was thinking bout them they would pull them pants UP and NOT have their "Pants On Tha Ground, Pants On Tha Ground, lookin like a fool...." YOU know the rest LMAO!

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