UNintentional rap song about gay thug love

Lil Boosie, a rapper, and a fellow Louisiana native, song is from his 1st mainstream album release. Now I applaud Boosie for making  a song so REAL. Its obviously about his "homeboiz," his friends, his "rounds"(dats sum southern slang 4 ya,lol), and a REAL man should be able to say he LOVES his MALE friend(s) without it being a case of "No Homo"...BUT the undertone can NOT be ignored. A song about that good ol' DLTHUG LOVE. It kinda makes me melt on the inside hearing this and at the same time while listening I couldn't help but wish I had a Man,lol. 

If you love yo nigga, hug yo nigga.-Lil Boosie

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