Outrage, is an epic 2009 documentary about CLOSETED politicians taking part of damaging the LGBT community by supporting  anti-gay legislation. 

A few weeks ago I found 'Outrage' by way of Netflix. It was the greatest documentary I've seen in a while. It sadden me, pissed me off, and made me happy all at once.

Documentary begins discussing the despicable Sen. Larry Craig. A strong supporter of anti-gay legislation, but arrested in a "cruising" scandal involving a public restroom of a  Minneapolis airport with another MALE. In which he plead guilty to, but later denied involvement after scandal was made public. Prior to his own sexual escapades, he also was a big critic of the Pres. Clinton and Monica scandal, stating Bill was a "bad nasty naughty boy" and the American people shouldn't trust him. Multiple men admitting to being sexual involved with Craig despite marriage to wife and pushing the anti-gay laws. 

Then the film discusses Gov. Charlie Crist who also had "alleged" involvement with varies men and was also single. He is believed to have paid for a stand in girlfriend, they "broke up" soon after. When said "ex girlfriend" was asked to comment on Gov. Crist in documentary  she responded saying, "I think I should keep my mouth closed, call me back 10 years from now...then I'll give you a story." Crist continued his support of anti-gay legislation and later married another women. 

Throughout the film there also mentions of Mayor of NY Ed Koch's steady male lover and the drama after their break up. Also mentions of Congressman David Grier and Ed Schlock. In which one of these guy is alleged to say to one of his male "acquaintances" that he could "buy and sell his ass 100x over." Watch to find out who. And the not-so-honorable mentions continues, Mary Cheney [daughter of former VP Dick Cheney] in the part she played in the anti-gay "agenda." Regardless of her being OPENLY gay herself, aided and stood by her homophobic father. She admitted in a 2006 showing of David Letterman's Late Show that these laws preventing gay rights were WRONG, but did nothing to at least TRY to stop it.  

Among all this discussing drama and pool full of hypocrisy, there was a moment of grace, a moment of highlight. The moment when Gov. of New Jersey Jim McGreevey finally had the courage to publicly came out of the closet, with his wife by his side [they obviously very soon divorced afterwards.] Although I am sadden it had to get to THAT point after having children with this women, she did not deserve that. No women deserves that. Sen. Larry Craig's wife stood by him despite the "allegations" and I don't see how. 


The most ones keeping us from our rights as gay people are the GAY people. Because apparently being gay so wrong, but them are the main ones caught in a gay scandal. They are living their life in a LIE, but keeping us from living our lives in TRUTH!

To those citizens so against gay rights rights and vote for public figures that agree with their stance on homosexuality being immoral, I ask of you...what's more important:

Gay rights or gay ass, lying ass politicians.

Would you still vote that for politician who may be gay their DAMN self just because they support your opinion. Or do you hate gay so much that you would not vote. Either way, if you such problems with gay people...hell THAT's who you are voting for. 

Regardless of them support your narrow minded homophobic views what about everything else. They clearly cannot be trusted as a person. I urge any and EVERYONE reading this to watch the documentary and SHARE IT!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I'll need to check it out! :) Great blog you have here. I just discovered it today. I'm following you now and know I'll return often in the future.


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