The Cheater And The Cheatwither

Why do people cheat or better yet why do other people knowing mess around with someone who is taken?

People could cheat for a number of reasons; sexual fulfillment,  emotional fulfillment, or they could actually have the "perfect" relationship, but be taking their relationship for granted and wanting more. Let's talk about the OTHER half of the infidelity spectrum...the ones who the cheater is cheating WITH.

It could be the "best friend," the co worker, and yes sometimes even a FAMILY member of the person that is getting cheating on. If you find yourself unknowingly playing second fiddle there's nothing you can but decide rather you want to continue to engage in this person...in which then you would be a willing participant of the cheating spectrum. See, to me if you are KNOWINGLY "bump and grinding" with someone who didn't initially belong to you, that makes you just as WRONG as the person who is cheating, because you are an accessory to infidelity. 

You may say, "Well that person is single...who cares? They have no one to answer to." On the contrary, if a person is a willing and knowing involving member of the cheating spectrum; knowing involved with someone who does NOT belong to them...is that not still dishonest on their part? Is that not trifling   on their part? Knowing going forth with "homewrecker" actions. 

Being intimate with someone else and YOU are the OTHER person makes you as untrustworthy as the cheater. I know I wouldn't want anyone messing around with MY man. Its about morals. It's dishonest, its theft, it does not belong to you. Lets not forget that its not always the CHEATER that pursues the CHEATERWITHER, its sometimes the other way around. If you have been involvement  with someone who wasn't mainly yours then how am I suppose to trust that you aren't the type of person that GETS OFF on fucking people who are taken? Therefore you are deem UNTRUSTWORTHY. 

What do YOU gain by playing second fiddle. To have them in the end? Ha, they're already cheating with you now, they'll be cheating ON you later. You are a knowingly participant of breaking a person heart that does not deserve to be lied to each time you lay with this taken person. 

Not only are you just as trifling, but you are better than that. Know your worth. Their are too many SINGLE good ones out there who AREN'T cheaters for you to be the "sideline" to someone who doesn't belong to you. Have someone you can call your OWN, not someone elses. You are just another person to them. They don't care for you. Clearly they don't care and respect the person their with enough to not cheat and be honest if they even really want to be with person. 

There is NO excuses for cheating. There may be REASONS, but those "reasons" don't make it right. And there is no excuses for being the cheatwither unless you honestly DIDN'T know. 

I can only imagine how to feels to be cheated on. And to imagine to find out that you are the one they've been cheating WITH...you're going to feel cheated as well. 

It hurts to unknowingly find yourself apart of the cheating spectrum, but its just down right despicable to be a willing participant.  

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