Can U C It Happening:Gay Hip-Hop go mainstream?

Gay Hip-Hop?...[That HAS to be a misprint...] No it is not, some would say it's a oxymoron...I say it is NOT, this is REAL. Who said rap has to be straight...as homo-erotic some of these so called "straight" rappers are today, with their pants down, booty showing, hanging with other guys who also have their pants down and booty showing, also some questionable lyrics here and there...YOU KNOW those lines that ends with the ever SOOO famous "No Homo." Not to mention how they bicker and BITCH(THEY call it "rap beef") like females,lol...a gay rapper would only be ONE more thing. But NEVER MIND ALLL THAT, if you haven't been formally introduce  before, I would like now take ALLLLL the credit for introducing you to  the  Gay Side of Rap...

People may think...pop, rave, house-like  music when they hear gay rap...NOT the case...well not COMPLETELY. These guys come with just as much hard hitting beats and rhymes as any other rap artist in Hip-Hop right now. And not ALLL of there songs make their gay-"ness" the main subject matter, of course there are other songs that surely do, rather it be sexual [:moans:] or just speaking on being  gay. This Gay Hip Hop thing features; bi-sexuals, lesbians, drag queens, trans, fems, and the more masculine guys who you wouldn't know was gay until you hear something along the line,"Just got my dick sucked by a dude, now I'ma finna fuck him too." lol. (not an actual rhyme from a song, I just whipped that up for ya'll, lol) These guys and gals didn't just come out of no where...they have been around for a while, like gay rap legend Tori Fixx(from Minneapolis,MN) and the whole "Sissy Bounce" movement originating in New Orleans, Louisiana, dating all the way back to the late 90s...and many others I'm sure of, but just don't know of. It also cross borders, there are many other of artists outside of the U.S. of A. Many of them have used music as an outlet to talk rhyme against homophobia and speak rap about acceptance.

Now-a-days, artist like Bry'NT, Last Offence, Lester Greene(who is bi), FoxxJazell(who is transgendered)Shorty Roc, J.R., are among the many making this kind of music right now. But if you was to do your own little research right now you would fine it seems that Bry'Nt and FoxxJazell are DEFINITELY on the front lines and are killing shyt right now. Translation: they have the most popularity of them all. Bry'Nt  hasn't even been in the game long(well he has been doing music since he was 15, but hasn't been a gay rapper that long) but he has gotten quite HOT pretty quick. Beefs [WHAT!! Beefs with gay rappers?...YES hunny, LOL] with Shorty Roc  and J.R.(self-proclaimed King of Gay Music) did not slow him down. With release of album Porn Star, and Porn Star 2: Directer's Cut, and is aslo putting other talents to work...being an official cast member of independent gay film Finding Me: Truth. Foxxjazell is heating things up with her fitting Boy, Girl, Whateva LP available on iTunes now(look at me acting like her manager,lol). Last Offence (...in my opinion) being the most lyrical (Lester is pretty good too) not saying that Bry'Nt sucks(no pun intended) because they both can bring something to the table, it just that Bry'Nt has sex appeal, THAT added with a hot flo would probably make him People's Choice.

Gay Hip Hop has gotten SOME mainstream exposure here and there... the Tyra Banks Show which featured Deadlee,and in August of 2009 DJ Kay Slay who featured Sonny Lewis, Drew Mason, Boneintell, Last Offence, and Bry'Nt freestyling in a "Gay Rapper Throwdown!" BUT is THAT where it ends....can OUT Hip Hop REALLY seep through the cracks and co-exist in  the world of the extremely  homophobic but-yet-homo-erotic Hip Hop of today, especially  in the "No Homo" era. Can they EVER be taken seriously? A superb lyrical flo' is undeniable,(one CAN have it rather there gay or straight) but will they be denied anyway or will respect be given to them by their fellow straight Hip Hoppers. My guess is while a straight rapper ,or just a regular straight male who listens to rap, may like there music because they can rhyme and the music actually sounds good...that guy would STILL not openly endorse and support their music and would probably STILL diss them openly. Or it could be wrote off as a  gimmick and be rudely ignored?!

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