Who AM I To U?

Who am I 2 u? Apparently way less than what I wanna be.
The ever so famous phrase, "I wanna be Ur only."
is the story of my life. In Ur arms I kno it would feel so right.
I wish it could be me u love & make love 2. To be inside me
in more ways than one is a dream I would like 2 come tru.
Already in my heart, in my mind, in my soul, but the NEED
4 u 2 REALLY be inside me is takin its toll. I do really want 2
be wit u it's MORE than bout sex, even if we don't last 4ever
at least we could be 2gether then u could leave, so at least I can say Ur my ex. Love got me under attack.
Who Am I 2 U? NUTHIN & apparently I will
ALWAYS be that.

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