Being Who I AM.

Apparently being who I am is enough to be deserving of your hate. Regardless of the fact that me simply being who I am, do you or no one else any harm directly or indirectly. Why? Never mind, I realize and recognize that you could NEVER give an answer to that question that makes sense. Yes we are different, but if you take a knife to cut us both, our bloods the same color. We may be a different height, but I grow just like you do. We may talk different, maybe even different languages, but I talk just like you do. While we may be looking at different things, I see just like you. I cry just like you, smile like you, laugh like you. Being Who I AM obviously I don’t prefer the opposite, but I love JUST like you do. So why can’t I express who I love publicly without anyone looking at me strangely. Oh excuse me, I guess me Being Who I AM is too much for you. Sorry, my apologizes, but I am what I am, I’m just Being Who I AM, and camps, therapist, and exorcisms CAN’T change me.

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