Couple File for Divorce After Gay Marriage "Destroys The Sanctity of Their Marriage" O_o

The state of Bob and Sally Roberts’ eight year satirical union isn’t looking good, y’all. The Leaky Wiki writes that all those homos getting their gay marriage on in New York have broken the Roberts’ bond by stripping their marriage of its sanctity.
In an interview, Bob stated, “Sally and I have been together for a long time. Our oldest son just turned ten years old. And through all the arguing and nagging, I really did love her. But now that two men are allowed to share a life and be happy and devoted, I just don’t think that I can see my marriage as holy anymore.”
Sally held similar opinions. “Our life hadn’t been easy. Bob’s been working three jobs to support the kids. I thought of leaving him when he had that affair, but I knew my marriage was sacred in the eyes of the Lord, and [I] couldn’t leave him. But I can’t believe my marriage is holy when two homosexuals can have an honest, long-term, monogamous life as a married couple.”
Sally and Bob showed us the divorce papers. “Our lawyer said that ‘the gays’ isn’t a valid reason on the divorce papers,” Bob told us, “so we decided on a no-fault divorce.”

Really?...*shaking my head* No comment at the moment...their ignorance has me speechless.

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