You think you know it ALL, 'cause you're So Str8?

It still amazes me how many individuals still think we are dumb, inferior and that there is something mentally wrong with us. How I know they think this? Well for example, all of those prejudice heterosexuals think they know MORE about homosexuality than WE DO.  They think that WE are the ignorant ones. They REALLY think they have more understanding of OUR sexuality, more Understanding of Homosexuality than we do. They want to tell US, why we are gay. They want to tell us, we CHOSE this. They think they have all the answers, but are blind  to their own ignorance. 

"You are gay because something dramatic happened in your life that affected your life." That is the absolute one of the stupidest thing I have ever heard. So YOU ARE telling me that something dramatic must happen to YOU to make you straight, right? To think such a thing is CLEARLY based on the fact that society has painted heterosexuality to be the superior and "normal" sexuality. So to BE homosexual...something "bad" MUST have happened to transform you into a homosexual. Because of THIS, they think we NEED therapy. Do they need therapy for their heterosexuality?   They think this is something that can be corrected. Tisk, tisk. I will not wallow in sympathy  because of their ignorance...I KNOW me, they do not. 

"Being gay is wrong because..." Let me GUESS, BECAUSE of what the Bible say? The bible that WASN'T personally constructed by God or Jesus. The bible that ALSO has a LONG list of OTHER things deemed sinful, BUT you choose to ignore. Even homosexuality was here before Jesus. Being gay is wrong...being straight isn't? Yet another justification society has use to deem heterosexuality as the superior sexuality. But the bible was ALSO used to justify slavery and any race other than white was deemed inferior. Its happening ALL OVER again...WHEN will they learn?........

When homosexuality is mentioned, they say...sin. The bible is NEVER thrown in conversation when adultery is mentioned. What about greed, envy, gluttony. I honestly think that they are way to many sins in the bible to take seriously, its okay for me to think that because the bible IS man made. But if your distaste in homosexuality is supported by the bible, how about you read up on the sinful life YOU living before judging ME. Society is confuse and they think its US. On the date of January 1, 2010 I came out to my father, not really willingly, only because I got "caught" [something I never discussed with GOOD reason, may blog about it later]  I was "caught" because I was not there at the moment he and my mother found naked pictures of MEN(of course) on the computer. Nothing really bad happen, but during our vocal exchange on the matter he expressed, "its not in God's plan [for me to be gay]" Really? Though, within the same exchange about this subject, he made it CLEAR that it would okay for me to have naked pictures  of WOMEN and lust after THEM. So let ME get this "straight" its Not in God's plan for me to be GAY, which is obviously because of what the bible say. You would RATHER me lust after naked women, than naked MEN, but the bible say LUST is a SIN. It does NOT say what TYPE of lust, it just say LUST. Based on the bible BOTH are wrong, BUT you would accept me lusting women, but not MEN...and you have THE NERVE to tell its cause of what the BIBLE SAY?! The heterosexuality community is confused, not us. My father isn't the ONLY one in this, I was using him as an example. 

"You just haven't found the right woman yet." Yes, they really believe that and expect us to believe that bullshit too. What about the 40-60 year old homosexuals...they still haven't found the right woman? Being gay does NOT mean you just have not found the right woman. being gay means there is NO right woman...only right MAN. "Why are you gay, because there is so much pussy in the world?" There is ALSO a lot of DICK in the world...so why are YOU straight? The quantity of another gender has nothing to do with anybodies sexuality. If you sit a bucket of chicken of front of a vegetarian that don't mean they gonna eat it because there's LOTS of it. 

I am just TIRED of others on the outside looking in thinking they know more about US than we do. [bias BECAUSE of their homophobia at that] So what can we do. Educate? You cannot, will not change the views of the others UNLESS they ARE open minded and want to STOP being ignorant to homosexuality.  But they want to be ignorant. Why? So they can remain [in their head] the superior one. If they start understanding US, they will realize they they are NOT above us because of their heterosexuality.  They don't want that. 

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  1. you hit that bitch right on the nail.

    you expressed almost as many valid points possible and accurately.

    If you don't like the picture of homosexuality, STOP FRAMING IT. Get ANOTHER PICTURE. I can't stand people who continue to rub their noses in the PERSONAL & PRIVATE BUSINESS of homosexuals. PLAIN AND SIMPLE: STAY OUT OUR BUSINESS OR LEAVE US THE FUCK ALONE! AND LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE. STOP TRYING TO LIVE OTHERS.

    This backs up my "Church of Delusion" blog. I made my point on that, so I won't even bother going in again.


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