Prepare for 2012...

And I DON'T mean be prepared for the ending of the WORLD. I mean Be prepared for 2012 in the 'good ol' USA. Why? Because this country is FUCKED UP! And every year it seems to get even more fucked up. I'm not just talking about the economy...I'm talking about the morals of the people get more fucked up each year. The youth die younger each year, get pregnant younger each year, the young [my generation] give a fuck LESSER about SERIOUS things happening in this country...each year. The people are getting even more stupid and ignorant...each year. This country is getting more and more about solely ENTERTAINMENT (ex. those fucking Kardashians)...each year.  As the economy is sinking so is everything else. Each year this country's  education gets more and more incompetent and the laziness of the people in power think that just by simply making school days longer, it will magically fix things. NO! But whatever right? That's not important right? Just be PREPARED! The presidential race OFFICIALLY kicks off in 2012, so it's about to get REAL MESSY! Obama has a supporter in me...he is trying, and I know if it's anybody but HIM then we are going to go BACKWARDS and everything that Obama has done will be UNDONE. But I'm sadly not confident that he will have a 2nd term...why?...Of course because of politics, because the people of this country are so fucked up...the politics is MORE important [to THEM]  than the problems this country faces...Soooo again, BE PREPARED!


  1. i agree and you know this, we've discussed it numerous times... Obama is one of the smartest presidents we have ever faced, and I'm not saying that because he's black. I'm saying that because he strategizes and hardly ever tumbles over serious situations. he neglects idiotic ideas and focuses on the important ones. Obama didn't fix the country, but in 4 years he did some decent work. I know if he gets another 4 years he can bring things to a balanced budget, but like you said - I'm afraid the next president is going to UNDO EVERYTHING OBAMA DID. So 2013-2016 are going to be real scary because we don't know what's going to happen. It's the "Unknown" and a lot of the candidates I'm seeing SUCK. Their ideas SUCK. They're not focusing on the real problem at all. And some of them just sound crazy or religiously mind-fucked. So yeah, I'm really scared... None of these candidates are "president-material", I don't think they can handle what's going on right now. Too much pressure, they need to sit their ass down.

  2. I do hope things turn around for America on all levels because what happens there affect the world is so many ways.


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