Two Rappers, One Studio [A Short Gay Erotica]

After all this time of being the writer I am, being a writer of poetry and a few songs, here and there. I would like to take this time to INTRODUCE My very 1ST short gay erotica. 

Rapper, Big Bank, was spittin' his 16 bars in the booth...shirtless. With his pecs flexing, abs shining from sweat because of the energy and passion he was putting into his new song. As he looked down at his notepad, another rapper entered the studio. As rapper, Swagmean, looked into the booth, he looked confused. This was supposed to be his studio time. Big Bank spotted him and immediately became pissed. He had already told the studio manager he wanted no interruptions, he exited the booth.

Big Bank-"Sup homie, can I help you with somethin'" walking towards Swagmean with his juicy, pretty pink lips formed into a mug.

Swagmean-"Yeah, you can tell me why you here on my studio time" he said putting on his game face, as well, as trying  hard not to look at Big Bank 's  tatted, hot, ripped, and  sweaty body walking in his direction.

Big Bank-“Yo studio time? Aye nigga, I don’t know what you talkin’ bout. I got this shit booked for the whole day” he made it known as the other fellow rapper turns anyway from him to take off his jacket. Big Bank then notices this perfectly round fat ass on this skinny but muscular frame. Licking his lips as it flexes with his movements. Seeing how the middle Swagmean’s Hanes underwear creased into the crack of his ass was making his dick hard. And that arch in his back… [Damn, yeah….he definitely gets down AND gets dick down] Big Bank was thinking to himself, smiling.

Swagmean-“Yeah nigga, I booked this time, TODAY” as he notices the growing “8 ½  bars” inside Banks red b-ball shorts. Swag could tell he was also free balling, wearing no underwear. “But it’s not a big deal man, you straight. What was you recording?”

Big Bank-“My song, Missionary. This how the chorus go; I like it missionary, arch that back, open them legs, take this dick, I’mma make yo eyes rolled into to the back of ya head.” He recited as he walks closer to Swagmean, looking him in the eyes.

Swagmean-“That shit is hot man…I mean it’s a hot song.” He said all the while fighting the urge not to moan and extended his hand and touch this sexy ass man close to him shirtless.  Head getting kind of dizzy, Swagmean puts his hand on the recording equipment to keep his balance.

Big Bank-“Yeah, I know…maybe we should collaborate while you here” he said, while getting even closer to him, rubbing his wet abs, flexing his chest, licking his lips. “We can make some hot tracks together don’t you think….?”..............

Swagmean-“Ahhh…Ahh, Yeah…I see why you got your shirt off, its hot in here man” He takes off his shirt. His abs now showing, his body more lean than Big Bank.

Big Bank-“Aye, I’m a nice guy though, so I’ll let you have your studio time. You gotta do something for me though.” He said as Swagmean wasted no time walking his way toward the booth. Big Bank stopped him.

Swagmean-“What I gotta do?” He asked as Bank came up behind him. Due to Swag’s sagging and Bank only wearing thin b-ball shorts, Swag could feel his hard dick with no problem. Swag lets out a light horny sigh.

Big Bank-“How about you…spit a flow on my ‘mic’ first, huh?” He said as he blows on Swag’s ear and puts his hands around his waist. Banks pushes his dick even more towards the back of Swag’s phat dick hungry ass. Swag reaches his hands back and gripped on his new friend.

Swagmean-“Shit I’m cool with that, nigga.” He said as he turns around, wasted no time pulling Big Bank’s shorts down. Swag pulled it down slowly with one hand as the other rubbed his v-cut up to his abs. Banks dick popped up when the shorts finally passed the end of his head. Swag then pulled his shorts back up, then back down, He had a habit of doing this, he loved seeing a hard dick move like that when pulling it down then letting it go watching the dick move like a rubber band. This was not going to be Swag’s first time with a dick in mouth.

Big Bank-“Come on, man! Stop playin’ with it. This hard dick is yo fault, so take care of it.” He demanded and Swag obeyed. He grabs his dick, gave it three good licks on the head, gave it two good licks from the bottom of his balls all the way up back to his head. Then put it in his mouth, slowly then quickly going down on it while moving his tongue in rhythm from side to side, round and round. Banks dick from deep in Swags mouth, Banks moan, Swag hummed on the dick. Swag gave the dick a bathe inside his mouth for 3 minutes straight. When Swag finally pulled his head back, Bank’s dick head came out with a freaky, wet, *pop* sound. Big Bank’s big dick was dripping with pre cum and saliva. His whole dick was glistening from the wetness of Swagmean’s mouth.

Swagmean-“How was that? Can I get in the booth now?” He said while letting a sexy little laugh. Big Bank smiled while flexing his wet dick that was still right in Swagmean’s face.

Big Bank-“Fuck naw, nigga…you ain’t done! I ain’t even nut yet and you can get in this booth when I get in that phat ass. Is that shit tight shawty?” He asks while giving his ass a good hard smack and then gripped it. Swag’s hole twitched as he slowing stood up while Banks pulled down his pants and they together, pulled down Swag’s underwear. Swag turned around and twerk his naked ass and Bank’s naked dick. A little of Bank’s pre cum dripped on Swag ass as it jiggled.

Swagmean- “You tell me how tight it is when you give me dat dick nigga.”  They move inside the booth, Swag’s back to Bank’s front, the touch of his dick doesn’t leave from the crack of Swag’s ass.

Big Bank-“AH SHIT! So that’s how you are, huh? Okay I got chu nigga. Bend dat ass ova, let me see dat hole” Swag again obeys. Banks bends down and stares right at it as his asshole flexes.

Big Bank-“Open it up for me.” Swag takes both of his hands and spreads his cheeks wide open. Banks stares right inside of something he is going to be inside of…in a few minutes…after he eats. Big Bank with no warning digs his long and fat tongue inside Swagmean. Swag moaned while swaying his hips, jiggling his ass, putting more in Banks face. Banks was slobbering in it, French kissing it, spiting in it. He pulls his head back, *spit* *spit* he puts his two fingers inside Swags mouth.

Big Bank-“Get dat shit wet.” Swag did so, Banks pulled his finger out of his mouth and then planted it slowing deep inside Swags ass. Swag mouth, his hole resisting.


Big Bank-“Let me open you up baby, let me in.” Banks finally gets both of his fingers as deep as fingers could go inside of Swag. He moves his fingers around, up and down, in and out. “You ready nigga?” Banks asked with aggression.

Swagmean-“Fuck yeah, nigga. DAMN! Fuck me!” Being that Big Bank was in the studio today trying to wrap up songs for his upcoming album, of course he wasn’t prepared to fuck anybody right now. So there were no condoms. Surprisingly his dick was still slippery wet and Swag’s puckered pretty pink hole was definitely shining from Big Bank’s tongue feasting inside it. Banks lined his dick up to the opening of Swag. Closer and closer until his head was touching the hole, then slowly deeper and deeper until his head touch something deep inside that caused Swag to moan in such a tone you would not know he was a dude.

Swagmean-“Awww fuck man, damn…give dat di…Ahh” Swag continues to moan

Big Bank-“Yeah, tell me how that shit feel. *harder* Tell me. *harder* Tell…me *harder and deeper*” Big Banks flips Swagmean over on his back on the floor, because of course he likes missionary. Both are moaning, Bank has never been inside anyone so tight. Swag has never been fucked by anyone that could go so deep and make him scream so much.

Swagmean-“Shi…oh my gaw…YES! Nigga *rotates his hips in the rhythm of Banks* hmmm *starts jacking his dick* Ahhh, FUCK! * Banks lowers himself down to Swag neck, bites it* fucccc...ahh” Banks is going slowly then quickly, long strokes then short ones. Deep dicking him  so good Swag eyes is rolling to the back of his head with his legs wrapped around Bank’s waist as Swag’s back is arching even more than before.

Big Bank-“Yeah nigga, throw that ass back for me. Work that shit. You like dat dick don’t you, huh?!” Banks wraps his right hand around Swag’s neck, the left on Swag’s chest. “Take it nigga, take it NIGGA, TAKE IT!” Banks is moving faster, harder inside him. His hips, quickly swaying round and round, side to side. He was looking down at his dick disappearing inside Swag. Both of them were sweating, both of theirs abs glistening. Banks caresses Swag perky nipples, squeezes them, licks its. Swag wraps both arms around Banks neck. Bank is slowing down, but giving Swag more inches as Banks not only stroking but moving closer to Swag to get even deeper.

Swagmean-“Oh shit, yea…you in this shit nigga, Ahh…ahhh… umphh. Get IN that shit!” With each moan from Swag his tone got higher, and higher. He never has been with a dude that made him moan like that. Big Bank wasn’t the first fellow rapper to be dicking him.

About at least an hour has past, they don’t know. Of course they weren’t counting. They were still going. They both feel it ‘cuming.’

Big Bank-“Ahhh shit, nigga! Awww fuck! da, da…AMN!” Banks feels he about to bust.

Swagmean-“You bout to cum nigga? Bust dat shit! Buss it, ahhh fuu…I’m bout to cu…!” Swag’s hole gets tighter and tighter around Bank’s dicks as he repeatedly hits Swag’s spot deep inside him. Banks can feel it…he, he…he cums hard inside him.

Big Bank-“SHITTTTTTTTTTT!” Banks still shooting rounds of cum, coating Swag’s insides. He’s still stroking, fucking him…fucking Swag like there is no tomorrow or next year. Swag can feel the cum swimming in him. They both look down in the direction of where Bank’s dick and Swag’s bust open hole meet. They both can see the ring of cum forming around Bank’s dick and the cum dripping from Swag’s ass. From Swag seeing that, he’s about to cum.

Swagmean-“Ahhh, ahh ah…ahh, Oh shi…AH, AH, AH!” Swag cums all over himself and Big Bank. His cum busts towards Bank’s lower abs and his own abs and chest. Both panting, trying to catch their breath. Big Bank pull out of Swagmean with a slippery, wet *pop* sound. Bank’s licks the cum off of Swag’s chest as Swag flexes his hole, feeling Bank’s nut seep out of him.

Swagmean and Big Bank-“WOW!...DAMN!” They said in unison, they looked at each other and laughed.
Swagmean-“That shit was good cuh. I ain’t never had it like that.” He announces as he rises up from the floor, Banks doing the same.

Big Banks-“Yeah, that’s what everyone say when they fuck with me, but you was…you was…shit nigga!” They both laughed again as they leave the booth. With their clothes now back on. Swagmean gets his jacket ready to leave.

Big Banks-“Aye man I thought you wanted your studio time?”

Swagmean-“Yeah about that…I have this thing were I can’t concentrate on anything else once I had a good nut” He response and smiles. “I’ll be back tomorrow.” Banks thinks to himself… [I’ll be sure to be here tomorrow too then]   

Big Bank-“Aight man, but before you go…let me get yo contact info. So we actually collaborate next time.”

Swagmean-“You mean collaborate or ‘collaborate?” He smiles.

Big Bank-“Both!” They trade information, Swag leaves. Big Bank looks at the studio equipment and notice it was recording. He panicked, then thought… [shit me and him were the only ones in here, I can just delete this shit] He listens to it first. Since Swagmean’s moans sounded high pitch, one might think it was a female. Big Bank’s lips turn into a cocky smile, thinking… [Yeah, that dick must have been real good to him.] He decided he would trim the audio and sample Swagmean’s moans for his other song.

Swagmean was outside at his car as he looks in the calendar of his iPhone. He then realizes that his booked studio time was for tomorrow. 

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