Looking Back...

[Actual image from former high school's courtyard]
So out of boredom, I just happen to start looking through my old high school yearbook. Reminiscing...not a good thing, because my high school times were not good times.  It was rare that I could go at least a whole week without them doing something to piss me off. And it wasn't the students I had problems with, No...I didn't  get bullied or teased. The whole 4 years I only problems with one guy my junior year. He got kicked out of school though, so obviously he didn't care about his education. But it was the administration and teachers that keep bothering me.   From getting into trouble by trying to PREVENT an altercation to getting trouble for wearing skull cap in COLD weather. Yes. And of course these are the times I was REALLY getting into that damn internal WAR; Me vs. My sexuality. So that was the icing on the cake. 

You would THINK my senior year would be better, right? It's my last year. How about I had to wear UNIFORMS on my very last year. Before that...I assure I was among the BEST dressed at that school and now on my last year I had to look like everyone else. Wasting money only to buy the schools uniforms for only ONE year. Ruining the changes of ME possibly crowned 'best dressed' in the year book that year...why would the have a 'best dressed' award when everyone looks the SAME. 

And is it just ME or traditionally seniors in high school have 'special privileges'...or at least a LITTLE. As a senior I had none. If anything the FRESHMANS of that year came in and got treated like ROYALTY. That school was ASS-BACKWARDS! Actually rolling red carpet out for them would have not surprised me after all the shit they was already doing for them. I didn't get that treatment as a freshman there.   

It's also a bit depressing that I'm only featured once in the yearbook and that's in the senior picture section. No pictures of me out and about around campus like everybody else that I've seen countless times in the yearbook. 

Still regret not going out with a BANG by saying 'fuck it' and going to my prom in a all pink suit and tried harder to enjoy my prom the best I could, because I didn't enjoy it. 


  1. What advice would you give to the high school version of yourself?

    1. I would tell him to just Let Go! Make the best of it and don't worry about the gay thing cause your mom will accept you and your dad...well he won't disown you. And yiu will find love and Not with that crush you have lol...go to prom in that pink suit and...maybe you should drink a lil "sumthin, sumthin" before to increase your fun factor lol And so many other things


Thoughts? anyone?...