The DL WOmen.

A while back a few of my co workers were having a conversation pertaining lesbians and being gay. How did that come up?...I don't remember. But one of my co-workers,  being a female, expressed how she was once hit on by another chick. She expressed that she was 'strictly-dickly' and there would be no chance of her ever going that route. And this raises the question. Can people continue allow females the double standard on the subject of sexuality? That it's easier and simpler for chicks to turn to other chicks and it's not a big deal as gay men.

My female co worker reacted the way many sincerely straight men would react to this... understandably. "I'm not gay, I don't have problems with you being, but don't come at me on some gay shit." Is what she said. The question is if you are a SINCERE heterosexual female  then there would be NO chance of you being otherwise, right? I'm sure you have heard it a lot..."I went gay cuz dudes hurt me too much!" which I always thought was BULLSHIT, because a female could you hurt as well as a dude can. Are these type of chicks making excuses because they may always been CURIOUS? Have females been given to much credit that they can 'switch' sexuality just like that and it isn't as complicated as being a  gay man?

I don't if I have blogged about 'turning out' before, but I DON'T believe in getting 'turned out.' For men, if you do things with another dude you must have been curious all that time. I don't believe that a sincere heterosexual men is that weak to be convinced to do that. Just as well I find it hard to believe females go GAY because of the amount of time their hearts have been broken.

But in honestly, YES...there will always be a male/female double standard. One that I believe is that 'cute' drunken parties where chicks may lick shot off of each other's belly and do a little kissing. But that's mostly for SHOW for their, just as drunk, audience. THAT is way difference then actually experiencing the 'full course meal.' Which is HAVING a lesbian lover, having  sex and all of it. 

Females are more EMOTIONAL, right? Things have more to do with emotion than sexuality, right? Despite how I feel about it..this is said to be true. Because of this I have also thought about the amount of women that could have boyfriends and husbands with a CHICK on the side. 

Yes, thats RIGHT! Everyone is so concern with the DL MAN, what about that DL WOman!? As if women don't cheat too?...Pleeeeeeeeeease, infidelity is NOT owned by one gender and neither is the lifestyle of the 'down-low.' So how many females are out there on The Down Low?

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