What Is Racism?

What Is Racism? 

Is it the white man keeping the black man down? 

Or is it the continuous black on black crime? 

Is it a Caucasian uttering NIGGER?!

Or is it our own brothers and sisters not sticking together? 

Is it a little black boy hung for waving at a white chick?

Or your fellow brother wishing failure on you and hating that you making it? 

My answer, it's all of these...and those are just examples, I could go on and on. 

Racism ISN'T just in white face...it NEVER was.

Europeans just didn't come and TAKE us...we sold ourselves. And not just to America...to Brazil, Cuba. 

We get here and work together to fight for our freedom that we apparently DIDN'T even have in Africa. 

We are FREE! Then...

What we do? Enslave ourselves yet AGAIN...in ignorance. 

Killing each other over colors, rap beefs, Jordans, and other stupid trivial things.

Keeping up mess within our own, bringing each other down on a regular basis. 

We gotta STOP this. 

Because when you think about it, what any racist could do or say to us today is no different from what are already doing to each other.

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