Religious/Conservative/Southern Bigots Are Having A BAD Month

We are really in the future. A LONG time coming with Gay marriage [that's simply MARRIAGE now] and with the Confederate flag FINALLY being publicly condemned. 

Make no mistake, we still have a long way to go on the matter of racism and homophobia despite what has transpired lately. There are still varies of anti-gay laws in effect. This country still lacks protection from discrimination under law across all 50 states. And yes, of course, there is still racism. 

You can say the Confederate is apart of history...and it is, but so is the Nazi swastika...the difference is people have enough sense to be ASHAMED of it. The debate shows the true selfishness, inconsiderate, racist heart of America. That in 2015, people are JUST NOW catching on to the fact the Confederate flag has a negative history. SAD! Years behind. For those to still publicly and UN shamefully defend it without a care in the world. Because only on the matter of us BLACK FOLKS do people just simply not fucking care...but let the Confederate flag's history be about something BAD happening to the white folks. We would NOT be still having this debate about it. If the Confederate flag was African American's flag and symbolized an uprising/revolt of slaves, you think these Confederate defenders would still defend it? Do you think that they would still be SO proud of it's history? Further more, do you think it would be triumphantly blooming in the wind on STATE buildings?  I'll wait on that answer.

Lord, these Christians really think the RAPTURE is coming...I am still waiting for Jesus. Still waiting on that TX pastor that said he would light himself on FIRE if gay marriage passes. Still waiting on all the people that said that would move to CANADA because of the SCOTUS decision. Too ignorant to know the gays BEEN able to get married in Canada, honey. 

While they got their bibles out...HA! Is there even a point at entertaining you religious nutsos?! We've already won the battle. Let it go! You LOSE, LOVE WINS! 

Now...let's not rest until all the rest of these anti-gay foolish is dismantled! 

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