Rape Culture in A Man's World

Had a debate with some [male] family members...that fact that it had to be a "debate" is warrant enough for me [and you] to be disgusted. I took to my personal FB account for some rape culture rants, here they are:

Why should there be any questions about HOW LONG it took...why years from the time of the rape? If you killed someone YEARS ago...do they NOT still come for your ass sooner or later? I'll wait. Yet with rape is when we question shit. ‪#‎Rapeculture‬.

Rape culture. When people's first response to rape is WHY the victim didn't speak up AND question rather it was consensual is when you created a society in which rape victims are SCARED to speak up. YOU created the culture of them not speaking up.That's what I'm saying.
Bill went from denying it to admitting drugs were involved...but they "wanted it"? Yeah, that's a rapist favorite line. Yet people still doubt the victims when Bill has shown he's a liar...yet still seems to have more credibility than the rape victims. That's ‪#‎rapeculture‬ for you. And that's WHY people don't speak up.

And no saying "men get raped too" is not a good thing to bring up when the discussion is a WOMEN getting rape. That's equivalent to debunking ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ with ‪#‎AllLivesMatter‬ we know that ALL lives matter, but that's not the problem at hand. Will discuss that as it happens NOT when the matter is a WOMEN. Yes we know men get raped, but THAT also don't get taken seriously for the same reason a woman getting rape doesn't. Conditioned gender stereotypes...if you a women..."you wanted it." If you a man..."men don't get raped. HA!"  

Do people lie at times about rape? Yes. So do they about other serious matters...so I guess everything and every serious allegation should not be taken seriously cos some assholes cry wolf. No, you see it THROUGH and if that person IS lying then you throw the book at them, but with ‪#‎Rapeculture‬ the book is thrown at accusers BEFORE hand. Doubt from the get. ‪

#‎Rapeculture‬ is people being more passionate about reasonable doubt than the actual matter at hand...THE RAPE.

If you have daughter or a sister and she comes to YOU saying she was raped...WHERE will be your reasonable doubt then? Will you think "maybe she wanted it" then? ‪#‎rapeculture‬

Their whole agrument was centered around, "Why wait so long. He gave her drugs? She probably wanted the drugs. " I was fucking disgusted.  

And my brother? Has THREE daughters...he should educated himself on how sexism and gender stereotypes does affect rape culture. 

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