I Love Yo Man.

In public...
The dude keep callin me...
A faggot.
I don't get embarrassed tho.
I don’t care, cause I know...
It is I that’ll be ridin that dick tonite.
Way better then his bitch do.
I don’t like his chick,
But the bitch think we cool.
Having no idea...
I'm fucking her boo.
She be telling me all they business to.
It puts a smile on my face...
When she tell me he has, "Never said I love U."
But he said it to me so many times before...
From the very second he walks through my door
And right before he kisses me and leaves.
From what she tell me...
He do more things for me.
He take me out mo.
I know you  probably think...
I’mma ho,
A home wrecker,
That ain’t no home...
Its just a house.
With me is where home is.
I gotta and gonna get mines.
He belongs wit me.
Its just gonna take him sum time...
To realize.
Girllll, if u only knew.
If u only knew why...
He always leaving u alone at night.
He needs somebody that’s a freak,
That’s nice and tight.
I supply that.
The hickeys on his neck...
I did that.
The scratches on his back...
I did that.
When u see him wit a smile on his face,
And he smell like sex...
I did that.
Cause he was deep inside of me, nuttin.
Ya’ll “relationship” aint nothing.
OUR relationship is the shit.
Bitch, I love yo man, and I’m fucking yo man.
What you gon' do about it?

Don't Not judge me by this poem,lol...
I am not a home wrecker...
pure creativity,lol. 

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