You THINK you're Better than Me because...?

You are Out and "proud"...and I'm In and "not." Where do YOU get off looking Down on me, wasn't You at one time in the closet your Damn self. Now I UNDERSTAND your distaste for the "DL" man with a girlfriend or a wife and Still messes with men...I find THAT distasteful as well and for me its really not 'cause they are cheating with man, its the Infidelity in general that I don't like. There are some of us who ARE in the closet, but we just mind our business. Meaning we don't feel the need to use a female to  mask our true self, we just simply keeping our true self secret. Some of us don't feel the need to appear homophobic to mask the fact that we 're Homo our selves,lol. But apparently we are Still inferior to you, but you CAN'T tell that you don't UNDERSTAND WHY WE ARE SCARED, Yes scared...and Not so eager to identify our self as Gay in this CRUEL WORLD.

Calling me a coward, liar , and a fake. You say, " The people who matter don't care and the people who care don't matter," you say, "I don't care what they think and say of me if they really love me they would accept me...that goes for friends and fam." I say THAT'S COMPLETE AND UTTER BULLSHIT. Losing friends is one thing but it IS hard to say "FUCK U" to fam even if THEY already have. Fact of the matter IS when people DON'T accept YOU it DOES hurt. Hearing the homophobic things people say DOES hurt. We as human beings weren't design to NOT CARE what people say...WHY? 'cause we DO have feelings. You say," I came Out, You Should too." Well EVERYBODY isn't YOU...we don't live the same life, know the same people, or live in the same environment. Those may be the aspects that will make my "coming out" more harder for me than it was for you. 

Now I don't disagree getting it OFF your chest may feel much better, but for some its is no better for them coming out than it was for them to be in the closet. Some have been disowned by "friends" and "family," kick out of their homes, fired from jobs, harassed, beaten, and Yes EVEN KILLED. What would you Say at the grave site of those KILLED...that I'm PROUD of you for being true to self...get the Fuck outta here. Yes being true to self is good but on THIS subject it may come at a cost. For someone to come out they HAVE TO BE  mentally, emotionally, and physically READY. I think that your coming out party shouldn't be  solely driven by simply  being tried of living a lie, YOU NEED TO BE READY as well. SOOOOOO, where DO YOU get off THINKING you have THE RIGHT to throw someone esle Out THEIR closet*smh* The WORST thing is people finding out about you before you have even  learned to accept your damn self as Gay.

Why do you feel that why...why do you think its your business rather someone  is In or Out of the closet. I'm sure in your wonderful time of being out you have experienced dire  homophobia and it drives you crazy. So is it the fact you WANT me to go through what you go through...is this a "misery loves company" scenario. Why would I be eager for that. Now truth be told I DON'T NOT plan to be in the closet FOREVER, but I want to open that door and walk OUT on my own terms...I SHOULDN'T have to worry about these messy ass homos tryna EXPOSE me 'cause they are probably jealous that I don't have to experience any homophobia DIRECTLY towards me 'cause nobody KNOWS about me YET...until I am ready for them to know. 
Now Can I Please Be in the Closet IN Peace.

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