These days when you turn on your tv you see gay characters on many shows. It could be an official character of the show or it could be just for that moment  because of a one time "gay-spin" episode. Like the 1st gay moment in tv I remember...a while back on the That 70s Show, when Eric's new guy friend unexpectedly gives him a unwanted kiss. GAYS has always been on television just not as much as it is now. Even in some shows where viewers KNEW a character was gay, you NEVER really saw them indulge in their homosexuality though. Now-a-days producers and pilot writers are bold enough to put a few gay kisses in a episode, but what does this mean?...Kurt of Glee,  Adrianna and Gia of 90210, the married couple w/ baby on Modern Family, Calvin from GRΣΣK, Kevin and Scotty of Brothers and Sisters  ,and not mention LOGO , a channel catering to the GLBT community. A great amount of people think that so many gay characters in television means the world is becoming more accepting of us...Is THAT really true? Or is it the fact(which I think is the case) that gay is simply ENTERTAINING. Is it that producers KNOW that a gay storyline IS a attention grabber. It may NOT necessarily mean that the producers OR viewer are REALLY accepting of gays because they create/watch shows with those very people in it. To a viewer their mentality might be,"Gay is OK as long as its just TV." A producer just wants to bring rankings to the show and make that money. What you see is NOT people becoming more accepting of the GLBT community...NO, what you see is people profiting off of GayTV. An example I could use for that is CineMark, who donated to the YES on Prop 8 campaign, BUT did they NOT profit off of MILK, the movie about a openly gay elected official that they had playing in THEIR theater.

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