iWas Here 1st , Homo B.C.

Homosexuality was here BEFORE it was "Cool" to be homophobic. In ancient times it was natural to participate in homosexual activities without a second thought. . There is even a guy in the history books by the name of Alexander the Great who had a male lover him self, as betrayed in the movie Troy. EVEN in The Hebrew Old Testament it obvious suggests King David had a lil fling with Jonathan. It is even said that older men would marry their young lover, of course this did not replace women/male relationship, but it was the norm. It has also proven that the church REGULARLY preformed male/male wedding ceremonies up until the 14th century.  King James I in fact had  male lovers who he basically "tricked off" on, lol. These so-called "people of the church" wouldn't want you to know THAT though.

The Homo to the Homophobic, I WAS HERE FIRST!!!!!!

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