The Dilemma of a Virgin

Why is it that getting sex is much easier than getting into an actual meaningful relationship Not based on sex. Now I am not the outgoing type that can just start up a convo with someone I do not know. My family would say, "Man you are in no way," but that's because they are family, I know them, I'm comfortable with them. As for as people I don't know, I am shy...that's a Big problem for someone like me. I don't know all of the  DL signs, I definitely need a course on it. I wouldn't know if a guy was trying to "get at me" in the ways of the DL, I either wouldn't be able to tell or would think it was wishful  thinking on my part. So HOW am I ever suppose to have any male on male action in ANY form, how am I suppose to get to that point. Being in college I know there ARE guys that "get down" but WHO? I want LOVE, but being a virgin I'm fiending for sex as well. Like I said at the beginning, sex for some reason is less complicated  than love. The dilemma I have is that I am wondering what should do IF I was giving the opportunity to have SEX before LOVE. Because my dream is to give my virginity  to the man I love and know he loves me. What IF I have the chance to  have a man between my legs and be fulfilled in my lower part instead of my heart. There is NO telling WHEN I will have love, so it is no telling how long I'll be waiting if I'm waiting for love. The LAST thing I wanna do is lose my V card to some dude who just wanna hit it, but he could give me the chance to experience something I been wanting to experience, although it may not be love, but something I've wanting just as much as love. Love and Sex, I want BOTH, I'd rather have sex from the one I love, but what If I would have no choice to have sex before love is an possible option.


thegayte-keeper said...

You can get both, but to be honest with you the odds are high!

Donn M. said...

Yea, the odds is exactly the problem*sighs*