As A Friend...

  1. A friend should RESPECT other  friend's opinion, rather you agree or not. No one should be seriously offended. If a friend IS that means that friend is NOT completely comfortable with  that other friend to be able to handle their HONEST opinions. 
  2. A friend should NOT use anything personal that friend as reveal and confided in about AGAINST THEM. Don't be there for them at the time of their revealing of their secret and THEN use as ammo for the future. 
  3. A friend should NOT talk about another friends business to THAT friend that doesn't know that other friend. If that friend is sharing someone else business with YOU, then would it be wrong to think maybe that friend is telling YOUR business as well?
  4. A friend should not be MESSY. And only befriend people for their selfish benefits. 
  5. A friend should TRUST a friend and not be so easy to jump to conclusions to leads to accusing friend about something that is NOT true. 
  6. A friend should NOT be all buddy/buddy with that friend when everything is FINE, but then when its not that friend starts to QUICKLY talk shit about that friend.
  7. A friend should NOT keep feelings about that friend because of fear it may hurt that friends feelings, so in turn it EATS YOU UP inside. Being a friend means being REAL, if you can't be real...you are NOT a friend. If a friend CAN'T HANDLE the REAL then that friend is NOT ready for a REAL friendship.
  8. A friend should LISTEN to and pay ATTENTION to friends words and feelings...NOT ignore them.
  9. A friend should LISTEN to and pay ATTENTION to their intuition if something is telling that friend this person will NOT be a good friend. Don't wait until you grow to CARE for that friend and now you can't let go, but yet they could give a DAMN about you. 
  10. A friend should be SINCERE and TRUTHFUL about that friend and the friendship.


  1. I hope your friends get this entry.

  2. I hope EVERY person that think as themselves as a friend see this


Thoughts? anyone?...