I Ejaculated :)...

I CAME, by masturbation. I know you are thinking, "Okay AND...are you seriously blogging about this?" YES I AM seriously blogging about and if you stay with me I will tell you why this is a BIG deal. Well I don't think I emphasize with you all that I'm not to keen on masturbation. I never understood the hype in it...I always found it quite boring. I would in fact do it quite a few times, to TRY and find excitement in it. Try and Try, time and time again, but I would always stop because I got bored with it before I could cum. Every time I did do it, I got annoyed wondering, "Damn when am I gonna cum?!" Lost interest in it, then stop doing it. Each time I did, I gave up, but I still still tried man times. Upon getting to know the guy I am now claiming as my boyfriend, [that I spoke of in THIS post] because of him and our Skype sex [chuckle] I masturbated to his sexy ass voice as he was telling me "things." Because of him I have realize the great pleasure of massaging my head, because apparently its sensitive when hard. Before him, I did NOT know this about my OWN dick. [haha] Yet even THEN I did not finish too the point of ejaculation, NOT because it was boring...NO THIS time it was because it felt TOO good, too overwhelming. Yet still though, nowadays ever since that first night it happened, I been experimenting with my head. I only beat OFF to stay HARD, but that main objective was to "work the tip." I did it earlier, but I had somewhere to be, when I came back home...I continued later on. Started again, within MINUTES and then BOOM, I NUTTED! :) For the very FIRST time. Obviously since I never masturbated up until ejaculation, and I'm a virgin of course I NEVER seen myself cumming. TODAY was my first time and I felt GOOD, I feel so GROWN now. [hahaha]  


  1. Guess I am a junkie cause I do it @ least once a day!

  2. lol U dnt have to feel bad, I already twice yestdersay. And Im DEF. gonna go MORE now.


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