In Peace, You Shall Rest...Troy Davis.

What happened to "innocent UNTIL PROVEN guilty"?

His conviction in 1991 led him into jail for his "beyond a reasonable doubt" alleged murder. But since then witnesses have changed their story and the murder weapon was NEVER found. So of course there was now "reasonable doubt," despite that he was put to death last night. [ Sept. 21, 2011 @ 11p.m.] This isn't about rather you are for or against the death penalty...this is about a possible innocent man dying for a crime he did not commit. Did he? We don't know. All we know is there was NOT solid proof linking him to the murder of that officer. This kind of thing happens ALL THE TIME concerning this country's "justice system." Innocent ones suffer, the ones that are proven to have done the crime, WALK, because they know the loop holes of the "system." Sometimes hard PROOF are thrown Out, because of something else. 

It has not been and was never about "justice." Everything about this country is ran like a business, if you don't know business then you won't succeed. The "system" have fail us many times, so this is not the end. Now I am NOT a lawyer, I am not even gonna get in depth about the case. Casey Anthony was found "innocent" DESPITE the fact she was LYING about her story from the start. THAT is making my point. The "justice system" is NOT blind, it may depend on MONEY, SEX, rather your LAWYER is really good, and Yes RACE...rather you win or lose a case, despite you being INNOCENT. 

Let's face it this guy "killed" a cop, he was NOT gonna survive this. They was going to KILL him regardless just because he was the only suspect they have. And that's the fucked up part about...when there is only ONE suspect, they WANT it to be them, so they don't look for anyone else. When you kill a cop, they ARE gonna get YOU, but when a COP kills an INNOCENT person they WILL justify it...they WILL get away with it. [i.e. Sean Bell case] You are NOT gonna get away with cop killing...cops are just as much of a GANG than BLOODZ & CRIPZ. Eye for an EYE.  Murder is wrong either way, but DAMN man. 

I could understand if they had cold hard proof, but since the 1991 witnesses stories are not solid anymore. I would understand if he appeared cocky and having a "not giving a fuck" attitude. But he was sincere and have been pleading "not guilty" ever since the 90s. Even before his death, he still gave his word to the family of the victim "I didn't do it and I hope you continue with this case." 

R.I.P Troy Davis 

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