STRESS University pt. 2

So I'm back again with the same subject. The PROBLEM?....Well my classes aren't exactly my problem this time around. It's been bothering me for a while and I didn't even feel like blogging about it until I got into the swing of things. So the question is: where do I begin?

Let's start at how I got here. I am originally from Shreveport, but the university I'm attending is in Louisiana's capitol, Baton Rouge. On our way to the campus, my family and I got on the road at 3 a.m. so we could get there at 7 a.m... This was to set my "return" in order and check into my dorm on August 18th, so my last day of sleep ended when I woke at 3-4 p.m. the day before.

When arriving at the campus, there was an unorganized and unprofessional financial aid "process" that I had to deal with. Long lines that seemed "UNmoving." I didn't get ANYTHING taken care of until TEN P.M. that night. So, you can come to the conclusion that I went through this with NO SLEEP! Their financial aid "process" is like this EVERY year, and it shouldn't be - that shit ain't NORMAL!

Okay so let's talk about, MY DORM: A huge DOWNGRADE from what I had LAST year. Even though I REQUESTED that dorm, living in this piece of SHIT makes it feel as though I'm in the "PROJECTS". Despite having one sink, It's OLD, with uncomfortable beds, community showers, and public bathrooms. Not to mention the issue with my electrical outlets, that left me with NO AIR!

I paid all my fees ONLINE, since they told me "okay if you do it THIS way, you don't have to do THIS" Guess what? I STILL had to do "THIS", I had to walk over there to do THAT, and when I got there, "oh they moved THAT to THIS building!" - Just UNORGANIZED! LAZY ASS, UNPROFESSIONAL ASS, "DON'T GIVE A FUCK" ASS people working here.

On top of THAT, this University is filing for BANKRUPTCY. They had multiple meetings and
"said" it wouldn't affect accreditation... BULLSHIT, of course it will! I'm not looking forward to graduating only to be told, "oh, your degree does NOT hold value, your school is NOT accredited"

I was told this school USED to have 500 people on faculty, it has been cut down to 200 something. A lot of these people probably don't care because they probably feel, "oh, I might not be here any longer any way." I am INDEED NOT planning on attending this shitty ass school next year.

OH LET'S NOT FORGET, LITERALLY as I was typing THIS...there was a knock on my door, a guy with piece of paper with "NOTICE OF EVICTION" on it. Saying it's "SAYING" on file I am basically a free loading student who HASN'T paid needed tuition and fees to attend this school. WTF! REALLY YOU BITCH! I have that SETTLED now though, I had to pause THIS to take care of THAT. SOMEBODY APPARENTLY IS NOT doing their JOB, 'cause I KNOW I took care of shit on MY end. SMH.

Mind you, I am attending a REALLY fucked up HBCU[historically black college/university] which is why I have plans on attending a WHITE school next year. White schools STAY on their jobs, may sound prejudice...but it's true. People have this WRONG perception of an HBCU..."oh we all FAMILY, we care about you MORE than a WHITE school could" But yet once you get here, they treat you like SHIT. I'm gonna honestly say I don't if EVERY HBCU is like that BUT I know MY University IS, I know the University my older bro attended IS, I heard through grapevine how OTHERS are, sooooooo....Yea. WHAT is the REAL reason other black youth want to go to a HBCU, of course I would LOVE to stay here if it wasn't for the things driving me AWAY...but that's a DIFFERENT subject for a another post [I'm already thinking of a title]

Shitty school = Shitty education, not good Math AT ALL.

there is so many other in depths things, but it's too much to type...I could be at it ALL day, plus I have class in a few.

But I CAN'T take it though, surprised I really haven't gone insane yet. To go through this school financial aid "process" every year [because it easier in the Spring, but a Fall semester starts a NEW year, so you have to do the same thing every year] and THEN be put into a shitty ass dorm, going back and forth doing something just because THEY didn't do their job. Yea THAT is what been going on with me. =(


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  2. You KNOW I'm here for you, and you don't deserve that mess. I almost got caught up in the HBCU hype myself... "Oh you black, so you def get into those colleges" ...okay, but easy come-easy go. College is obviously a scam if you don't know what you're doing. This is America, and in America, you either play by their rules - or OUTSMART the system...... It's depleting... you like that word? ......Yeah, I learned that at EVEREST.

  3. I am a product of an HBCU and I have taught at two other HBCU's. What you are going through is unfortunately part of the experience of some schools. I remember when I transferred from mainstream schools to an HBCU, it was total culture shock. I did however gain incredible support and confidence to go onto to graduate school in Iowa...lol. They are all not bad.

    Keep writing!



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